In honor of International Women’s Day, Blush is proud to highlight the work of a daring Montreal artist, Melodie Perrault. Meet a talented young woman who is pushing the boundaries of art, freedom and sexuality.


Mélodie, women are at the center of your art. Is it a statement, or it is simply what inspires you?

I always draw subjects that are close to me; I am a woman, so the drawings will reflect my point of view. And women are so beautiful!

melodie-perrault-11Mélodie in our Soft Indulgence sleep teddy

Your illustrations touch daring subjects like nudity and sexuality. Has this ever had a negative impact on you, or on the contrary, has it helped you find an audience that is like you?

Yes, I’ve had a lot of pictures reported or deleted, but it’s been a long time since it’s happened. I think that people finally understood that we are in 2018, that or I’m simply lucky!


Young girls and women react in a very positive way to your creations. What message or philosophy do you wish to convey?

I represent myself a lot in my illustrations, or they are inspired by life in general, so I guess that it’s easy for them to see themselves in a way or another in my drawings. I try to show all the facets of women: they are strong, they are beautiful and sexy, they are intelligent, but they are also sensitive and sometimes completely depressed, haha! There’s also a lot of  “f*ck it”, because life is tiring sometimes and it feels good to take care of yourself. I also try to have a humor side as often as I can, I think that the world needs to laugh, and also a lot of love.


Do you consider yourself as a feminist?

Yes, of course! For me, being a feminist is celebrating women; I consider that I do so on a daily basis.

Why do you think that International Women’s Day is still important today?

“We all grew in a woman’s body” is the quote that marked me the most. It is so true and it means so much. This day will always be important because women are the source of life. No one would be on Earth if it wasn’t for their mother’s vagina!


Who are the women who inspire you?

There are a lot; all strong women inspire, whether they are career women or stay-at-home moms! To name a few, there is the feminist Whitney Bell, whom I love. She started a project 3 years ago in the US, A lifetime of dick picks, which is an exhibition of penis pictures sent without permission by text message, Facebook and DMs to women who agreed to share their traumatizing experience. There are also a lot of different artists exposed in an apartment ambiance, it is really cool and I’m very proud to expose there since the beginning! Also, it will sound cheesy but my best friend Arianne inspires me since high school; I wouldn’t be the same person without her!

melodie-perrault-10Mélodie in our Sheer Desire teddy

What are your upcoming projects?

A lot of things, a lot of super cool collaborations I can’t talk about yet! This Friday, I will be part of a « This is not a … » exhibit at the Ghost gallery in Brooklyn with Porous Walker and Polly Pollet. Also, I’d like to do a solo exhibit in Montreal this summer, but nothing has been planned yet; I’m a very last-minute person!

What advice would you give to women in creative fields?

Do not try to imitate other people’s work or to draw what you think people will love; yes, it’s great as a practice, but you will stay in a box or limit your creations. I’ve found my own style by saying « F*ck it, I’ll do what I want! ». Once you start creating for yourself, there is no limit to what you can do!


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