Being single on Valentine’s Day can be quite depressing; all of a sudden, it seems like everyone is in a relationship! But that doesn’t mean you should spend the night crying alone in your room. Here are 5 perfect plans to turn your Valentine’s Day into a legendary celebration!


Treat yourself all day

This day is all about YOU! Start with a morning workout to shake things up, go shopping, get your nails done, take a long bath, have a bottle of champagne… Taking the time to spoil yourself and do things that you really love will reinforce your self-confidence. After all, your happiness starts with you!



Go on a trip

Whether it is with single girlfriends or by yourself, why not pack your bags and leave town for a few days? There’s nothing like discovering a new city, eating, seeing and smelling new things… and who knows, maybe meeting new people?



Host an anti-Valentine’s Day party

No couples allowed! Have all your single friends and their friends over for a crazy anti-VDay bash! Forget the love songs, the red and pink decorations, the flowers and the cupcakes; how about pizza, beer and rock&roll music? Time to celebrate your freedom!

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Go out

No crying alone at home! Put on your sexiest dress or your coolest pair of jeans and go out; it’s time to dance like no one is watching! There’s nothing more liberating and fun than owning the dancefloor. And once again, who knows, maybe you’ll find someone to dance with!



Have a sexy night… alone!

Sex and sensuality is not just about being in a relationship. Dare to explore your personal fantasies, whether it is with an erotica book, a spicy movie or glamorous toys. And don’t forget the lingerie set! Time to have a little fun!



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