The most romantic night of the year is just around the corner! Whether you’re celebrating it with your new flame, your long-term significant other or your girl squad, it’s the perfect occasion to spoil your girls with unique presents that will warm their heart. Here are the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for all the women in your life!



For the wellness goddess

She’s always trying the latest barre and yoga classes, spends her weekends at the spa and meditates every morning? We know what will make her smile! Here are trendy surprises to help her reach her fitness goals, relax in style and keep her skin fresh. After all, healthy is oh so sexy!

S’well Light Hearted bottle – Blush Sadie Leopard robe – Herbivore hydrating face mist



For the fashion addict

For the fashion lover, nothing is too flashy, to original or too expensive. She always knows the latest trends, thinks Anna Wintour is a goddess and would rather die than be seen in sweat pants. Spoil her with avant-garde pieces that will draw all eyes on her and feed her addiction for all things decadent.

Zara Heart Crossbody Bag – Smoke X Mirrors Zoubisou sunglasses – Saint Laurent Red ‘Heart Shaped’ Cape



For the teenager at heart

You know the girl: she still listens to the Spice Girls and watches re-runs of Laguna Beach and Gossip Girl. This nostalgic lady loves her vintage games, her high-school inspired clothing and her sweet treats. Here are a few gifts that will have her say ‘Omigooooooood!’.

H&M Satin bomber jacket – Pony Quit playing games with my heart pin – Squish Candy Love at first bite candies



For the lingerie lover

Planning a sexy date? Let Blush help you plan an unforgettable moment with rich lace, daring straps, seductive shapes and gorgeous accessories. Get ready, a fiery night awaits…

Blush Intime 2-piece set – Blush Captive boxBlush Heart’s Desire 3-piece set



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