Photographer Anthony Turano began working on a photography art project last February 2013 to raise money for cancer. He was inspired by the many friends and family close to him touched by the disease.

In an ironic twist of fate, he was diagnosed with stage 1 cancer in his right kidney only weeks before the first shoot, putting everything on hold. After surgery, Turano didn’t sit idle for long. More determined than ever, he took his home “recovery time” to do something meaningful in his work, and moved The Stockings Project  into full gear. Well enough to use a computer and a phone, he began planning, finding sponsors, volunteers and securing a charity:  The Cure Foundation for Breast Cancer.

His work resulted in an impressive list of participants. Shooting began this month. With a launch date only one year away, Turano’s plan is ambitious. In a nutshell:

  • 5 cities
  • 50 models
  • 50 pages
  • a huge gala event to launch.

That doesn’t include the countless stylists, locations, and hours, weeks, months of work that’ll go into the project. The plan is that each model (volunteers) will dedicate their page to someone they know who’s been touched by cancer. All proceeds of book sales will go to The Cure Foundation.

Anthony Turano

Anthony Turano

The book is meant to inspire those in the fashion industry and raise awareness.  The cover model is a woman who lost her mother to cancer and  survived cancer herself. Nobody is immune from cancer.

“An artist can donate a painting to a charity to raise awareness,” Turano said.  “This is my art. My talent is photography.  I’m told I bring out the sexiness in women in my photography, without crossing the line to trashy. I try to let the model be comfortable with herself and her surroundings.”

“Everyone has a unique story, and comfort zone.”

Turano’s very first photo shoot put the project off on a gallop, securing the storyline for Arianne Fournier’s page in The Stockings Project.

“As I was browsing through Facebook photos of Ari to prepare for our shoot, I saw that there were pictures of her on horses, so I asked her if she would be interested in shooting on a ranch.”

“That’s my horse Mickey!” she told him, and so the stage was set.


Turano says he wants every shoot for the book to have a personal feel.  “It would have been very difficult to make a model feel comfortable posing in lingerie at a ranch if she didn’t know how to ride. Obviously Ari was right at home on her horse Mickey.”


“When you look at a picture of someone that’s comfortable , you’re comfortable,” said Turano. “In photography, there are always three people in a picture. There’s the person who took it, the one that’s in it, and the one looking at it. If all three are comfortable you have a successful image.”

“If the model’s not comfortable doing something, it doesn’t look right.”

The Stockings Project book is set to launch October 2015.

Follow the project as it unravels: