In order to show the day-to-day appeal of The Basics, our new essentials collection, the campaign was shot the garments were worn by women selected in a casting sauvage, as well as seasoned models.

Meet the women behind this exceptional project.



Beauty is a subjective thing. For me, it manifests itself in many different ways and may be celebrated with its diversity and authenticity.




It was really a pleasure to be a part of the campaign because of the variety of body sizes and shapes of the models. I really love the concept of girls with different ethnicities and skin colors as one in a campaign. None of the girls looked like the stereotype of the perfect woman we see in the medias. The campaign showed the real women of our society.




To me, beauty is all about being true to yourself, understanding every little thing that makes you, you, and not being afraid to show your true self to the world. It is about enjoying every little detail that someone has to offer. There is truly something powerful about encouraging women to be unapologetically themselves.




You can have perfect features or get in the best shape of your life but that will eventually go away, along with your youth. We all inevitably end up in the same boat and all that’s left is what’s inside. Beauty is that glow that comes from living a fulfilled life and being the best version of yourself, inside and out. When you are at peace with yourself, and you’re proud of the person you are, it radiates from every pore and that never fades.  




It was refreshing to be part of a campaign that showcased diverse women; it felt like we could just relax and be among girls in comfortable lingerie. I think everyone is more beautiful when they are presenting their true selves, inside and outside.




There’s a movement of revolution of the fashion industry’s archaic standards; brands are more and more sensitive to the majority’s needs, a majority who wants to see realness, women that look like them and are imperfectly perfect, women with curves, marks, scars—in short, human bodies! I am proud to be part of this movement which wonderfully redefines the representation of women, step by step.




It’s a huge privilege to represent all women, because we cannot name all the women who have influenced us, educated us, loved us, and cherished us.


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