Blush has combined its 30-year expertise in lingerie design and women’s never-ending search for high-quality essentials to create The Basics, a line of exceptional everyday undergarments designed with women’s never-ending search for high-quality essentials in mind.


Shot by renowned Montreal photographer Shayne Laverdière, the campaign highlights the raw beauty of women, without artifice. In order to show the collection’s day-to-day appeal, the garments were worn by women selected in a casting sauvage, as well as seasoned models.

“Working with girls who aren’t professional models, you have to be prepared for all possible outcomes, says Lauren Radulescu, Blush’s art director. Wether it’s a girl having stage fright, backing out or something as simple as not having energy for an extended amount of time, we couldn’t really plan anything concrete. Our days were fully booked and we had a big goal ahead of us, so we really didn’t have too much time to think and ponder while being on set. Thankfully, the girls were all super amazing, great personalities and full of life which made this monster task so much easier.”


The challenge was to create something that represents all women and that promotes diversity, without looking too cliché or overdone. “I hope [the campaign] will be a breath of fresh air, says Lauren. The market is overly-saturated with “basic” campaigns and it seems that every one has the same direction, over and over. I’m extremely happy with the outcome, It’s unlike anything I’ve seen from a basic bra campaign and that’s exactly what I was aiming for.”


The Basics are now available HERE.