What’s your favorite lingerie piece — a corset, a teddy… or something else altogether? We’re not telling you what kind of lingerie to like — that’s up to you. We’re here to tell you more about yourself, based on the kind of lingerie that makes your heart go pitter-patter.

The lines are drawn. Our research tells us that there are three lingerie personalities: the corset woman, the teddy woman and the babydoll woman. What does your lingerie of choice say about you, in life, in love and in the bedroom?

The Corset Woman
The corset woman loves to perform. You’re badass on the outside, but beneath all the boning and laces you conceal a big, kind heart. Maybe in life (and in the boudoir) you convey an iron-clad exterior, but you are oh-so-gentle in love. Look no further than Rihanna as a classic corset woman — from lace, to leather, to PVC — it’s her stage look. But her eyes reveal that she’s a total sweetheart.


The Teddy Woman
The teddy woman is timelessly sexy… but only in private. You prefer not to show your sensual side outside the bedroom. Your teddies (and all your other goodies) are your own business, thank you very much. This doesn’t mean you keep yourself completely under wraps; it’s hard not to sizzle no matter what you wear. But you prefer not to flaunt it. Reese Witherspoon is a classic teddy woman. Do we have a photo of Reese in a teddy? Of course not, that’s private…

Blush Teddy Lingerie

The Babydoll Woman

You may seem quaint and old-fashioned, but you are definitely not innocent. As a babydoll woman, you come on all sweet and feminine, but everyone knows that you wear the pants. You use your femininity to seduce, to role play… and to get what you want. Think Betty Draper in those early Mad Men episodes: all the negligee in the world won’t hide her steely determination.

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