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Cocooning 101: Staying in is the new going out

We must face it: soon, Fall will be here, followed by Winter... which mean we won't want to leave the house to face the cold. Why not turn these months of hibernation into a luxurious experience? Get ready to master the art of cocooning!   Setting the mood Relaxation is all about being in the right mood. Get rid of everything that stresses you [...]

Stephanie Birch on yoga, motherhood & life

Even through the lens of both our webcams, I could feel Stephanie Birch’s energy right away. Her big, warm smile and sparkling eyes simply shine through. She is generous with her time and with her words. After talking to her, you ask yourself if you want to be her best friend, or if you just want to be her… and then you realize that she’s the kind of person [...]