We’re more than halfway into August, and we can feel the season slowly drifting away; soon we’ll switch cute tank tops for chunky sweaters and fancy slides for boots. Here are a few ways to enjoy the last few days of summertime.



Have a festive drink

Whether it is on a terrace with friends, in the bath after a long day or at the coolest spot in town, have one last bubbly, colorful, summery drink to celebrate the season. Not a wine lover? Try a G&T or Prosecco. Don’t drink alcohol? How about a virgin mojito? Cheers!



Pamper yourself

You’ve spent days under the sun, covered in sweat and sand; now’s the time to spoil your skin and get it ready for the colder months to come. (Psst! Explore our body care section here.)



Do something crazy!

Dye your hair, get a tattoo, take a day off in the middle of the week to do absolutely nothing, kiss someone you like… That’s what summer is all about.



Have one last summer adventure

A day at the beach, a weekend roadtrip, a music festival… Gather your squad and plan one last getaway you will remember forever. Summer goes by so fast; time to make memories!