Finally, the sun is coming out of wherever it’s been hiding! Soon, bare legs and shoulders will be everywhere… but before taking off those extra layers of clothing, make sure to get in health mode for your best, healthiest summer body ever!

Stock up on SPF
I know, I know, applying sunscreen is just so… boring, right? Still, you should do it every day, not only before leaving the house, but also every hour and every time you get out of the water. Choose sunscreen with at least SPF 15 — 30 and up is probably the best choice to avoid getting sunburns, to protect your skin from UV rays (have you ever heard of that little thing called skin cancer?) and to avoid premature skin aging.

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Exfoliate & moisturize
This rule applies for pretty much everything regarding body care: exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells, and moisturize to nourish the skin and make it look glowing and healthy!

Drink water
When it’s hot outside, it’s important to hydrate often, and we’re not talking about drinking mojitos by the pool (OK, maybe one or two…). Make sure to drink lots of water, especially on hot, sunny days. You can also make your own flavored water by mixing it with fruits, veggies and herbs: we’re thinking lemon and ginger, cucumber and mint,  strawberry and cinnamon… The possibilities are endless!

Eat fresh
Forget fast food: summer is the season of fresh foods! Go to your local market and fill your fridge with seasonal fruits and veggies; the more colorful, the better! Summer is also an opportunity to embrace the farm-to-table approach and choose fresh, locally grown and made products and to discover new small restaurants instead of going to that shady pizza place. Cooking for yourself is an act of love for your body!

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Go outside
We know you love your Netflix. But why not watch fewer episodes of Gilmore Girls (you’ve seen them all a gazillion times anyway!) and go for a walk, or lie down in a park with a good book or your favorite magazine? Your body will thank you for that extra dose of vitamin C and fresh air!

We’re not talking squats, push-ups and planks here (unless you want to do it!). Just move for fun! Get a jumping rope, blast some 90’s music and dance in your backyard, challenge your friends for a run to your favorite ice cream place, whatever gets your body moving! Exercising will do wonders for your health and your shape, but it will also help you deal with stress and anxiety. It’s a win-win!

The days may be longer and hotter, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your 8 hours of sleep! Get dark, thick curtains and a good fan (or even better, AC!), and keep your sleeping schedule as regular as possible. Not only is it good for your body, but also for your mood!

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How will you stay healthy this summer?