Christmas is not only about the family, the gifts, the cocktail parties, the food and the drinks; in the middle of the Holidays Storm, make sure to take some time with your significant other to have your very own celebration. Here are a few tips for a very sexy Christmas!


Pick a date

Don’t wait until you have the time, because you will NOT have the time; there’s always a last-minute get-together, a happy hour that’s slowly turning into an endless dinner party… Set a date for the two of you and stick to it! If you have kids, make sure to find a babysitter in advance.

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Turn up the anticipation

This special night is not the occasion to catch up on your favorite Netflix series; it’s a night of love and seduction! Why not plan a “12 Days of Christmas” calendar, and pick 12 sexy activities to do together before the big night? (The Dating Divas have an awesome calendar, if you need inspiration!)

Set the mood

Tonight’s the night, finally! Prep the fireplace, light candles around the house, order in (no cooking for you tonight!) and play some sensual Christmas music (we’ve got a great playlist for you here!). Make sure no to-do lists are laying around: tonight is just about the two of you!

Dress the part

Whether you prefer a glamorous kimono or a cheeky teddy, spice up your celebration with an outfit that will lock their eyes on you!


Pop the champagne!

There’s nothing more festive than bubbly! Spoil yourselves with a good bottle; a glass will be enough to get you all giggly and tickly!

Try something new

From the Bijoux Indiscrets nipple pasties to the Faro + Trich neck tie, we’ve got an amazing selection to transform your evening into a night of exploration and seduction!


Sleep in

Make the night last as long as you can with a decadent breakfast in bed… and a second round, maybe?



What’s your #1 tip for a sexy Christmas?