With nearly 15 years experience in the women’s contemporary market, Melissa Soldera began her career right after graduating College with a degree in Fashion Marketing. After several years of working for a Canadian luxury department store, she embarked on a new path as a sales representative. During the Summer of 2008, she opened her own sales agency called Style Society.

Since SS is now established and flourishing, she decided to start a new side project called Cocktails and Luxury to share her love for fashion with her fans. On her YouTube channel, she shares her best tips, from how to style your everyday look to reviews on designer handbags, while her blog is dedicated to looks and everyday stories.

Explore Montreal like a local with Melissa!


Favorite brunch spot: Holts Cafe, in the basement of luxury department store Holt Renfrew. I go there to eat the Mushroom Tartine.

Holts Cafe - Mushroom Tartine 2


Favorite boozy-brunch spot: Prohibition, which serves sometimes fancy, sometimes less fancy, comfort food.



Best Instagram-ready plates: Shinji. This restaurant is next level, the culinary experience is great. One of those restaurants where you go in and share. It is phenomenal.



Best spot for mani/pedi: I do my weekly mani-pedi’s at Ongles Intentionnels; it’s a hole in the wall but I love it there.



Best blowdry bar: Blome in Old Montreal; whether you have long, short, thick or thin hair, your blowout will be 35$!



Best local boutique: Editorial, where you will find all your go-to trends. They are ahead of the game in terms of trends and their price points are great. You need to hunt because there is a lot of merchandise. Go through the racks and I assure you will find scores.

EditorialBoutique 1


Best shoes/accessories store: L’Intervalle. The shoes are super well priced. Everything is made in Italy or Spain — you know they are super well-made.

l'intervalle shoes


Favorite luxury department store: Holt Renfrew, where all the big brands have their in-house boutiques. They are the epitome of where to get your luxury brands in terms of accessories, shoes. The true luxury destination across Canada!

holt renfrew 2


Favorite department store: Maison Simons is near and dear to my heart. In terms of trends, they have kept things going.


Going Out

Best restaurant for a first date: Jatoba is upscale and delicious. Gorgeous terrace in the summer. The restaurant is on the pricier side, but the food is absolutely worth it!



Best champagne bar: La Champagnerie is the type of place you will find a group of girls blaring Beyoncé over a bottle of champagne! They have so many champagnes on the menu!



Favorite place to boogie: Santos is awesome. I did my bachelorette party there and it was epic! Old school hip hop, the DJs are amazing, the music is amazing. They do this drink called “The Shamble” and it is my favourite drink in the entire universe.



Best lookout spot: The Mont Royal viewpoint.


Best place to enjoy the summer sun: I’m a total city girl, I don’t do parks or nature! I like La Plage du Vieux Port as a city beach.



Café Myriade

A coffee shop working with 49th Parallel Roasters that serves pastries from independent local bakers, make as much product as they can in-house, and will never tell you how to drink your coffee!

cafe myriade 1



The terrace is to die for!



The Old Montreal

I love walking around my hood!