Lingerie is a costume. While functional, it is also playful and whimsical. Lingerie allows you to dress up your mood or step into a persona that you have always wanted to embody. Intrinsically hidden, this little game of dress-up doesn’t even have to be for anybody but yourself (or you can show it off – that’s fun, too)!

Costumes can take us on a journey through a different time. When we think of nostalgic lingerie, retro is the first style that comes to mind. Retro lingerie sends us through a daydream of nostalgia, recalling an era of timeless beauty, elegance, and female empowerment. No wonder retro-inspired lingerie is one of the most lasting trends!

Retro-Style 101 will help you unleash your inner retro maven. Once you’re done reading, you will be ready to adorn yourself head-to-toe with these retro lingerie staples:


Longline or cropped corset

An essential piece for any aspiring retro lover! Longlines and cropped corsets have that dreamy retro look without the commitment of a full corset. The band on a longline is wider than a regular bra, with 3 or more closures at the back. A cropped corset is wider and has more closures still. This creates a streamlined look and offers extra support, since most of these tops have removable straps and can be worn strapless. Can you say retro dream?

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Our pick: Modern Muse longline strapless in nude beige

Retro briefs

Don’t even think about calling them “granny panties!” Retro briefs are high-waisted bikini or thong cut bottoms with a waistline on or around the bellybutton. The best part about these undies is that there is more fabric…. More pattern, more lace, more beautiful details! These are a true shout-out to pin-up belles from days gone by. Wear them under a dress or high-waisted skirt or pants. Or when you want your lingerie to speak for itself…

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Our pick: Runaway Star retro brief in cameo nude dot

Garter belt

No retro look would be complete without stockings! Thigh-highs have the advantage of not coming up all the way around your waist, which can be uncomfortable if you have to wear pantyhose for long periods of time. Make sure that your garter belt is snug around your waist, and that the straps are adjusted and have elastic if you plan on wearing one all day. Afterall, your garter belt is fighting against gravity pulling down your tights!

0231162_lustrous black_1

Our pick: Deception garter in lustrous black