This Fall, we’re getting our sh*t together! Our Organize Your Life series will help you start the new season just right.

This week, we’re helping you declutter every room, for a cozy, welcoming home.


The basics

Start decluttering by cleaning the floors and windows in every room, and by washing your curtains. Make sure the heating system and the smoke detectors work well and your windows are isolated. If you have plants or flowers outside, take them inside before the nights get too cold.



declutter 1

Soon, you’ll get home to piles of wet boots and coats; make some space now by getting rid of summer shoes and jackets you won’t wear next year, and store those you want to keep. Add boot trays and mats to make sure your floor doesn’t get wet. Send your winter coat to the dry cleaner, and make an inventory of hats, scarves and gloves to be ready for the cold season.



declutter 2

Take everything out of your pantry, and get rid of everything that’s expired. By doing so, you’ll probably also realize that you have 3 half-empty boxes of pasta; store multiples together in see-through containers. Also, make a list of staples you’re running out of, like sugar or flour, so you can stock up on your next grocery shopping trip. Before putting everything back in, don’t forget to wipe every shelf.

It’s also the perfect time to clean your oven, microwave and fridge, especially with the Holidays coming up. You should also take a moment to do an inventory of all your tableware, and donate everything you don’t use; do you really need 18 wooden spoons?



declutter 3

No one likes to take care of paperwork, but it unfortunately has to be done. File all your documents by type (bills, medical documents, receipts, taxes, etc.) and get rid of anything old and/or unnecessary  (we love Early Bird Mom’s system!). Same for your phone and computer: delete old contacts, apps and games you don’t use anymore, organize all your photos, music and video in files, and do backups to make sure you don’t lose anything. Last but not least, get your hand on a calendar or agenda to keep track of appointments and events.


Living room

declutter 4

Fall means the days and nights get colder, and we slowly get in a cocooning mood. Make your living room extra cozy by adding throws, pillows and candles. Do a clean-up of your books, DVDs and games, and donate anything to don’t want anymore; the Holidays being just around the corner, those can also make great gifts for people in need. Speaking of the Holidays, it is also a good time to go through all your decorations.



declutter 5

How did we end up with bottles of shampoo? No one really knows, but it’s time to fix the situation! Keep only what you need, and finish half-empty bottle before buying new ones. Go through all your makeup and skin care and get rid of anything that’s expired (Byrdie’s beauty guide is super helpful!) or that you don’t wear anymore. Stock up on staples, like toilet paper, soap and detergent to save money and time spent at the store.



declutter 6

Get your bedroom cold-ready by taking out your winter bed linen, sheets and throws. Clean up your night table. Go through your underwear, tights and socks, and replace some of them if needed.

Now, closet talk! Go through all your summer clothes, and separate them in different piles: what you can still wear for Fall, what you will still wear next Summer, what needs to be fixed, what you don’t wear anymore, and what is too damaged to donate. Leave the clothes you can still wear this season in your closet, wash the clothes you’re keeping for next year and store them, repair the clothes that need to be fixed or adjusted, give the clothes you don’t wear to charity. As for the damaged clothes, many stores, like H&M, are collecting unwanted garments to recycle them.


What’s your #1 tip to declutter your home?