This Fall, we’re getting our sh*t together! Our Organize Your Life series will help you start the new season just right.

This week, we’re taking a look at some of the coolest apps out there to manage every aspect of your life.


Your time


Time goes by so quickly, it’s important to use it wisely. Fantastical 2 allows you to use multiple calendars all at once to organize your schedule and see what’s really important during the day. Need help going through all your tasks? Remember The Milk helps you enter all your tasks’ properties in one line, including due date, priority, repeat, tags, and more; you can even share your list to make sure everything gets done. If you’re feeling like you’re waisting too much time online, Rescue Time will track the time spent on applications and websites and give you an accurate picture of your day, with detailed reports and data based on your activity.


Your money


Managing your budget can be quite stressful. We love Pennies, an award-winning app for managing your personal budgets & spending money on the go. Got a little bit of extra money at the end of the week? Connect your bank card to Acorns, spend as usual, and the app will invest your spare change to help you make more money. Want to save more? Wealth Simple is the easiest way to build an intelligent portfolio of low-fee funds to meet your financial goals, whether it is retiring, buying a house or saving for your next trip.



Your body


Want a little help to go back to an active lifestyle after a summer of margaritas and tanning by the pool? Couch to 5K will help you run a 5K race in just 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week for 9 weeks. If you want to track your eating and exercising habits, Lifesum is the app you need: simply enter everything you eat and how much you exercise every day to keep an eye on your habits and get advice! Need more of a challenge? Human helps you compare your activity levels to people like you and tracks people nearby with the same lifestyle as you.


Your health


Dealing with your menstrual cycle can be quite complicated. The Flow demystifies each phase of your menstrual cycle, whether it is to track your period, evaluate your fertility tracking or understand your mood throughout the month. Speeking of mood, the Moods app is a must-have to maintain good mental health; it helps you track your mood every day, for a better overall portrait of your mental health. Having trouble sleeping? The Sleeptracker® monitor delivers a clear picture of your sleep.


Your home


An organized life starts with an organized environment. Stylebook offers over 90 features to help you build the perfect wardrobe, like looks, closets, packing lists and more. Manage every aspects of your home with Centriq from home inventory and maintenance to receipts, documents and service providers. Busy family? Picniic keeps your tribe organized and connected by bringing all activities, tasks, and data together in one shared place; the app feature a family locator, birthdays, shopping lists, a meal planner and more.




What’s your favorite app?