(cont’d from part 2 – “Time to play,” he said, and led me back through the cage to the games room…)

The lights in the seemed brighter as we re-entered the room. Or perhaps my head was swooning and my eyes were still a little dreamy. I walked purposefully, one foot in front of the other, back straight, very aware of my arm through Alec’s, and careful not rub my legs together.

The gun distracted me most. Between my legs now, rubbing gently against my thighs. Why on earth did Alec put it there?

We stopped to watch the Roulette table. She looked over at me, purposefully, and winked.


It was her! She was the one I had to tango with.

My instructions were to give the red diamond to the one who winked at me, then cause a distraction. I looked at her hands – from a distance, her ring looked much like mine. I’d been told the ring itself was worth a quarter million, but the microchip inside was… priceless.

What did Alec know?

I batted my eyelashes, looked around and smiled, attempting to look amused. It was difficult to cross my legs with the piece there. Alec must have seen my discomfort. “Why don’t we have some dinner?”

“A drink for now,” I said. I wanted to continue watching her.

“Her name is Ruby.” Alec told me, and left for the bar.

Why would someone so conspicuous be the mule for the chip, I thought? Suddenly the roulette wheel was spinning again, and she was poised, breathing heavily, all eyes upon her.

Nothing. She looked to the ceiling, as if in great despair, then threw herself, fainting over the roulette table.


The gentlemen surrounding her tried to help her to her feet. I stepped forward “I think she could use a little time in the ladies.” I took her arm and led her to the restroom.

“I can’t take it,” she said. “I’ve lost everything.” She looked at me. “No, really, I can’t take it.” I knew in an instant she meant the ring.

“But you must!” I took her into the restroom, she began to straighten up. I handed her the ring with a Kleenex, as she wiped her eyes.

There was nobody in the powder room. She took the fake from her hand, then put the red diamond on her left ring finger. She paused to look at it. “Beautiful.”

As we left the restroom, Alec rushed over. Is everything okay? “Come, sit with us. He motioned to the dining tables.”

We slid into the dining booth. With the cloth of the dining table covering us, Alec reached between my legs, and I realized what he was going to do. He had been watching her all night… I slid my leg over him, harnessing him, and kissed him hard grinding down on him in full view of everyone in the casino.

Alec pushed me back, staring me in the face, in disbelief. Angelo came over from the bar, as Ruby slipped out. Alec dove under the table, and roughly took the gun from its holster between my legs.

I saw Angelo slip the ring into his pocket, and ask politely if everyone was ok.

“A little more champagne, mademoiselle?” he asked, and he winked at me. Then he shook his finger at Alec, “You naughty floorman!”