Cont’d from part one … “Would you escort me to the cage then?”…

It wasn’t a place for animals. This is where the high rollers ordered and cashed in their chips. Alec opened the gate.

“So this is where the grown ups hide?” I teased.

“The central control for the Eye in the Sky?”

“You’ve done your homework! But you certainly do ask a lot of questions!” Alec laughed. “Yeah. This is where we get down to business. Purse.”


“Standard. Checking for weapons.”

I held my breath. The security officer patted me down, running his hands over my evening dress. He lightly brushed my thighs and peeked into my purse. Alec watched intently, his eyes were peeled on me. I locked eyes with him. “She’s clean,” he told the officer.

We entered. It was a cold room, full of computers, monitors, and locked doors. There were two operators busy watching the screens.

Alec leaned over one of the monitors. “Hmm. Looks like our lady on red is on a role.”

“Big win?” I asked.

“I’m on her,” one of the operators noted and glanced over. “Who’s that?”

Alec raised his pointer finger and shook it at me. “No asking questions I can’t answer.” He paused. “We’re going to have to lay some ground rules.”

He opened another door – it led to a hallway that smelled of cigar smoke. “This way.”


He took me into an empty smoking lounge, and closed the door. He locked it. What did he want? He turned has gaze to me then casually poured a glass of Porto from the decanter. “Do you prefer champagne?”

I shook my head no. “Do you wish to do our interview here?” I asked him. He passed me the glass and watched intently as I sipped. He ignored my question.

“First restriction.” He said. “No questions about specific clients.” I nodded.

“Second. I want you to be comfortable, blend in. Act like you belong. I don’t want it to look like we’re pandering to the press here.”

“So you want me act like a spy, like you?” I asked him.

“Not exactly… I would prefer you to walk in my arm for the evening.”

“Your escort? You want me to pose as your friend?”

“It will be easier that way. But first I need to know if I can trust you.” He reached into a drawer and pulled out a scarf. He gently held my arm, spun me around, then took my hands in his, holding me close from behind. He held me tight, but gently. He was confident, and competent. He must be amazing in bed, I thought. I had to shift my legs to relieve the ache I was beginning to feel in my thighs. I closed my eyes, arched my back, and he lifted the scarf to my eyes. “I have to take something from the safe. I don’t want you to see.”

He gently stroked my neck, pushing my hair to one side, then ran his fingers along my back. Focus. I needed to focus. I hadn’t counted on Alec being so incredibly charming… so sexy. I stepped back between his legs, flexing my calf. I reached back and held his waist, wondering if I should explore…

“So you do like to play.” He whispered into my ear, then put his hand over mine, holding me in, closer, so that I could feel him – all of him. “Third rule. If you’re uncomfortable, or if you feel unsafe, or if you want to stop, say “Ruby”.

And then he let me go. I waited. I heard him open the safe, and when he came back to me he pressed something cold, metallic into my hands. It was a gun.

“I want you to keep it for me,” he said. “Strap it on here, with your garter.” He went down on his knees and held it against my leg. Then he strapped it on with a small holster and wrapped the garter around the piece to tuck it in. “Comfortable?”

I didn’t know what to say. It felt like I was in a movie. I thought I was the one in control here. I had the ring to deliver… He tugged at the gun. “Can you walk with it?” He removed the blindfold. I looked at him. He was serious, just doing business. I walked a few paces, he took my hand and kissed me, slow and deeply. I felt my legs grow weak beneath me. I nodded, stunned.

“Time to play,” he said, and led me back through the cage to the games room.