Noot Seear is best known for her role as Heidi, the sexy “Votura’ vampiress who lures victims to her vampire family in the Twilight Saga Sequel, New Moon. Her fans are devout, and adore her character’s sexy appeal. Little did Seear know that this role would take her career on a new direction back in 2009, opening the world of film and video for her.


-But that’s not how it all began for Noot. In fact, it is Noot who was lured in the beginning… lured into a fantastic career as a model!

Noot’s lucky 13

Noot was out at the mall shopping with her mom one afternoon when agent and former model Selena Wallace approached her to try modelling. She was 13 at the time. Her mother thought it was a joke. “She didn’t take it seriously at all because she (my mom) thought I was a tomboy,” says Noot.

By the age of 14, Noot was living in New York fully booked with model jobs. “New York was my high school. It was so fun to be free from parents. It was crazy, it was wild!” she says.

Born in Vancouver in October 1983, Renata “Noot” Seear has become the darling of haute couture. She has appeared in ad campaigns for Armani, Issey Miyake, Polo Jeans, Chanel, Calvin Klein and Yves St. Laurent.

Noot’s strength as an actress has landed her roles in some amazing ad campaigns, both in photography and film.


Yves Saint Laurent “Artistique” campaign featuring Noot Seear as the Mona Lisa. Photography by Mario Sorrenti, 1999

The Givenchy “Play” fragrance ad campaign gave Noot Seear the chance to spend quite a bit of time at the Eiffel Tower with Justin Timberlake. “I got to hold hands with Justin for two nights!” says Noot.

 Style: “Masculine Grunge”

“My style is masculine grunge,” she tells Elle Italia in a model profile, she says New York was her high school and that’s where she got her style.


Noot for Elle Italia, 2010

“Living in New York for 13 years rubbed off on me. In LA they think I’m a bum. In New York I love to sit on a stoop and watch people. The people, the smells, the colours, it’s so stimulating!”


Seear says she finds balance in nature, both in her native Vancouver Canada, and in LA, by the Ocean. She loves the “hecticness” of New York, and the escape in LA by the ocean, where she can surf. “I’ve found the perfect balance,” she says.


Surfing in LA - posted 2014.

Noot Seear surfing in LA – 2014.

Her free spirit and natural beauty made her a great fit to model for Free People. She recently starred in a 7 minute fashion story for Free People called “The Cabin” where we see her flirty ability to act, and literally “play” with the camera.

Noot also played a role as a supermodel in the hit TV series House of Lies last year.

Noot Seear was the Blush Lingerie model for the Fall 2014 collection. Her shining personality and flirty rapor with Richard Bernardin brought out the natural free spirit feeling Blush wanted to acheive in its fall photography. “Amazing working with the incredible Noot Seear,” Richard Bernardin says.


> Click for complete Blush Fall 2014 campaign  by photographer Richard Bernardin with model Noot Seear.