Funny, flirty, stunning, she’s the Brazilian bombshell model that’s making waves in fashion across South America, Europe and the US. She’s easy to talk to, knows what she loves, gives her fans a lot of love through social media and by responding to requests for interviews (did we mention how charming she was when she told us she would answer our questions?)

Would love to answer them for you, send me through my mail whenever you can , thank you so much, love L.

Luma feeds the camera with her gorgeous gaze… and her humility is sweet. She never expected to become a model; it sort of fell into her lap.

I never knew I wanted to be a model, when I was 16 my best guy friend was begging me to go to this modeling contest in the city, and I decided to go since he promised me a 100 bucks (which he never paid!) haha He is still my best friend !

She has a quirky sense of humour, and knows how to have  a good time.


This spring, she is the face of Blush Lingerie, & DSquared.  Last year, she did the JCrewWedding and she landed herself on the cover of Vogue Italy , and Harper`s Bazaar Brazil.



She loves her native Brazil. She was born in the south, in Joinville.

My favourite city is New York, but when I need to relax I go back to Joinville where I can swim in the waterfalls.




She has fallen in love with what social media provides to both her network and her fans.

Social media for me started as a way to keep in touch with my friends and family, so they would know what I’m doing and where I am, but now it is also a tool for people who follow my jobs. I like how creative we can be in social network and how many people we can inspire. Images are powerful!


Luma’s  film debut comes in a VSM Magazine fashion film. In it,  Luma Grothe models the Yigal Azrouel Fall 2013 collection which inspired the film’s title, “Dark Flower.”

Is Luma keen on seeking out an acting career?

Aw you Guys watched the Dark Flower video? Hope you liked it as much as I loved doing it. There are definitely more projects coming up, and yes, I am thinking about getting into acting in the future, but I like comedies; the Sandra Bullock type of movie! So let’s see!

Last but not least, we asked Luma to tell us about her favourite lingerie.

I like sexy lingerie, bottoms with suspenders attached to beautiful black tights, and a nice bra.

How do your family react to your lingerie photos?

My mom, friends and my boyfriend, they love my pictures, my dad is a little conservative, but he likes to see me happy and my job makes me happy!

❤️What makes you blush ?❤️ #WhatMakesYouBlush?

I don’t get shy and blush, so I guess that means I might make people blush…

No kidding!

Little known facts about Luma:

Favourite Drink: My favorite cocktail is the famous Brazilian caipirinha!

Favourite Colour: green

Favourite TV show: My wife and kids

Favourite Music: Drake is my number one. Then comes Bon Iver, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Miguel and J. Cole!

Luma Grothe in Blush Sheer Desire longline bra

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