The hot season is back… and so is our #SummerPrepSchool series! This week, we’ve got the best tips & tricks for the ultimate mermaid mane!


Keep things clean… but not too clean!

Dreaming of strong, healthy hair? Try washing it as little as possible, as its natural oils help maintain moisture. With the sweat and the pollution, washing your hair once a week or every 10 days might seem like a crazy challenge, but trust us, it works, especially if you’re trying to let your hair grow!



Take care

Keeping your hair healthy will make a huge difference when it comes to styling it; dry, damaged hair never looks good, no matter how pretty your hairstyle is. Kocostar’s Hair Therapy and Split End Therapy masks will nourish, treat and restore your locks’ moisture. Add a few drops of Fur multi-purpose oil on your ends for extra care!



Add shine

Wish your hair could sparkle under the sunlight? Meet Captain Blankenship’s Mermaid Magic Shimmer Spray Set! These 3 sprays will add highlights and a touch of glitter to your mane, for a magical look. Will you go for Golden Waves, Rose Gold Sunset or Silver Fox?

hair 2


The final touch

When it comes to showcasing your personal style, accessories are EVERYTHING! Choose between the feminine Touch of Gold scrunchy, the Vintage Charm floral hair clip or the sophisticated Royalty headband, for a polished, boho-chic look!