If 2016 was the year of hygge (the Danish way of living a cozy life), 2017 is all about lagom, the Swedish lifestyle. Discover more about the concept, and learn how to apply it to your everyday life.


What is lagom?

Pronounced “lah-gom”,  lagom means “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right”; it can be translated as “in moderation” or “in balance”. The concept is often explained with one simple example: milk. In Sweden, 1.5 percent fat milk is the most popular choice. Why? Because it’s not a super-lean skim, but also not a fatty whole. It’s the perfect middle ground!



How can you make your life a little bit more lagom?




Work less, but more efficiently

Don’t spend extra hours at work; leave the office when your work day is over. Take the initiative of planning a fika, the Swedish coffee break, to spend a moment with your colleagues, relax and recharge your batteries.




Spend more time at home

When the day is over, spend as much time as possible at home with your loved ones. Put on your sweatpants, gather your friends and family and have a simple home-cooked meal. Watch a movie, play a cardboard game or simply listen to music and talk about your day. Make time for hobbies, too, whether it is learning to play an instrument, painting or joining a sports team.




Make sustainable choices

Start a compost bin, or keep old vegetables to make broth or soups. Don’t throw out food; be creative and make new dishes with what’s already in your fridge instead. Go to the farmer’s market instead of the grocery store, and follow the seasons when choosing which fruits and vegetables to buy. Use natural, non-chemical products to clean your home. Turn the lights off when you leave a room.




Be wise with your finances

Spend your money carefully: buy only what you need, and save up some money when you want to spoil yourself. Pay your bills and your credit cards on time. Keep track of all the money you spend. Make sure to save money for retirement, vacations and unforeseen events.




Make space

Declutter every room in your home; get rid of the unnecessary and keep only what you need. Use wall storage and shelves to put all books, decorations and other objects, and leave other surfaces clean and free of useless objects. Add candles to your decor to create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

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