Long weekends are amazing, but they bring out the same old question: should I stay in and relax, or go out for a few days? This Labor Day Weekend, whether you choose to spend some time at home or leave town, here are a few suggestions to make it a weekend to remember!


Staying In

Host a barbecue

Let’s face it: we only have a few weeks of warm weather left *sigh*. Make those sunny days count by having a legendary barbecue with your friends or your family! Go for the classic hot-dogs and hamburgers, fish and seafood, vegetarian… The possibilities are endless. Nothing says party like good food, cold drinks, and loved ones!



Have a girls day

When did we all get so busy that we can’t even find the time to hang out with our girlfriends? A long weekend is a perfect opportunity to have your girls over, whether it’s for a Netflix marathon, a sushi extravaganza or simply a staycation to gossip, talk and laugh!



Spend some alone time

We spend our days surrounded with people; why not take those few days off to give yourself some well-deserved alone time? Take the time to read those books on your nightstand, to paint, to watch movies, to take a long bath, to write, to sleep… You will feel energized, rested and at peace!



Going Out

Go on a getaway

You don’t have to go halfway around the world to have a fun trip. Hop on a bus or a plane with your friends, and head to New York, to Chicago, to Washington, to Las Vegas… Time to make some new memories!



Explore your city like a tourist

When you’ve been living in the same city for a while, you end up going to the same places over and over again, without paying attention to other neighborhoods, new hot spots, and popular attractions. Why not explore your city with the eyes of a tourist? Go to the museum, try a new restaurant, go for a walk and take pictures… You will fall in love with your city over and over again!



Rent a beach house or a cabin

Gather your friends and your family, buy a ton of food (OK, and a few bottles of wine), pack your bikini and your sweatpants, and escape! Enjoy those few days away to play outside, swim, play cardboard games, make smores, and spend quality time with the people you love the most!



What are your plans for Labor Day Weekend?