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Kimmay, what is a Hurray Vacay?

A Hurray Vacay is a state of being. It can be propelled by a trip or a vacation, but it’s totally possible to have a Hurray Vacay anytime and anywhere – whether you have a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days. It comes down to finding the feelings that you love to feel while you’re on vacation and not waiting until your next trip to feel them. For example, I love to feel pampered, relaxed, and adventurous on vacation, so I find ways to infuse and create those feelings into my life on a regular basis. I really DO love to travel, and so I create those feelings on trips a lot. But it’s just as important to create some Hurray Vacay feelings when I’m at my office or doing the daily grind, too. It makes me say “Hurray”! 

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What kind of traveller are you? Do you prefer to explore or relax?

Both! I used to be go-go-go-go in my life and would use vacation to crash, but then I’d miss out on fun activities. It also doesn’t feel great to explore and do-do-do on vacation without any downtime, either. It’s really important to me to relax while on vacation. I prefer to pick only a few must-see things to do, and then let the rest of my time unfold naturally. That way I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on what that area has to offer, and I’m not overdoing it. In the unscheduled time, if feeling up to it, I’ll find something to do. And if my body is craving some down time (it usually is), then I allow space for that. Sometimes there is nothing better than laying by the pool or on the beach with absolutely zero plans for anything else that day. So good!

When it comes to packing your suitcase, do you aim for practicality or style?

I can’t have it just one way – it’s got to be both! Multifunction items are the BEST. I’m often going on adventures during a vacation, so I make sure my shoes are easy to walk and can go with shorts, a dress, or maybe to the pool. I also pack a jersey dress that I can dress up for dinner, or wear around on a tour, or use as a coverup on the beach. I use jewelry or accessories to dress things up or down.

When it comes to outfits, I try to lay out my looks and pick items that I can mix and match, or create specific looks. That way I make sure I’m all set and not trying to creating something out of a random mixture of clothing from my suitcase. I pack everything into packing cubes, tupperware boxes, or garment bags so they each have their own section and aren’t floating around in the suitcase. I also love to really unpack everything when I arrive at a hotel or apartment. That way I can really see what I have and not have to dig through a pile of packed items.

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What pieces of lingerie do you never leave without when going on vacation?

I usually lay out my outfits for the trip and make sure I have the right bra and underwear for each one packed. There’s nothing worse than packing a great top and then realizing you can’t wear it because your bra isn’t the right cut or color. What a shame!

A big must for me is a travel bra! This is a non underwire, bralette that I can wear on super long car trips or airplane rides, or even sleep in. I do not leave for a trip without one or two. I also make sure I have a great convertible or strapless bra: you can wear it with several tops so you don’t have to pack as many bras, and you never know if you’ll find a great new top on the road and want to wear it right away. I love to shop while on vacation; I leave room in my bag for it! With a convertible bra, you’ll be sure to have the perfect bra for underneath everything.

I also love to buy lingerie in each destination if I find something I really love. Instead of collecting souvenirs, I collect pretty bras and underwear or other lingerie. In Paris, I bought a hat underneath the Eiffel Tower for 8 euros, and about 4 sets of lingerie. That was it!

My best tip is that it’s better to pack more underwear than not enough. It doesn’t take up that much space, and if you run out it’s not pretty. Another tip is to bring a little lingerie wash with you. It’s great for rinsing out stains on any item, washing that one seamless thong you packed and forgot you’ll need for more than one outfit, and for washing out the salt or chlorine water right away from swimsuits. Totally worth bringing a little bit!

What are your best vacation planning tips?

Ask locals for restaurant recommendations. They live there and truly know the best of the best.

Choose the must see items and plan when you’ll go do or see them, then let the rest of the time unfold. Allow yourself to wander, relax, or play it by ear. I’m a planner by nature, but part of being on vacation for me is also being flexible and tuning in.

Don’t forget to allow for some downtime!

What’s in your vacation beauty bag?

SPF always. Even if I travel to a colder or less sunny place, I at least make sure I wear SPF on my face.

Essential oils, for sure. These can help with sleep, especially. I dab them on my wrists, drop some into a bath, or simply take a whiff. Staying in a different place than home or adjusting to a new time zone can be tough, so I use lavender a lot. I even wear it as my perfume or for bug bites!

I try to keep my makeup bag simple, but I’m often doing photo shoots during trips (I do my own hair and makeup most of the time!) so it can get hefty. The best thing I’ve found is to use a roll up cosmetic bag with different compartments that you can hang on the back of your bathroom door or towel rack. Such a lifesaver!

Speaking of sleeping, getting good rest is the best beauty secret! So I pack really cozy pajamas, my own robe, a sleep mask, and slippers or cozy socks. This makes a HUGE difference in making a hotel room feel like a home. I did this once and I have done it every single time since.

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What’s your dream destination?

I’ve got a long list. Last year alone, my Hurray Vacays took me to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala and Florida. I really like going to Spanish speaking countries so that I can practice my Spanish, and because the cultures are so interesting to me. This year, I’ve been to Paris, California, and I have plans for Seattle and Vancouver (plus a few more – we’ll see). Since I’ve only been to Paris in Europe, I’d love to visit Spain, Italy, Greece, or anywhere in Europe, really. I think it would be amazing explore each country for a few weeks and really dive into the country, not just the main cities. In the past I’ve been to Japan, but it’s been years. I never thought I’d say this, but I would love to go anywhere that feels exciting and different and new to me, which is most of the world!

Packing talk: small backpack, or tons of luggage?

A lot of my recent trips have been really epic because I’m combining work and family time, a photo shoot, and pure vacation time, so I pack a lot of stuff. I have one big suitcase that I check – and I have a handheld luggage scale that I use to make sure it’s under 50 lbs so I don’t incur a hefty airline fee for overweight luggage (oh, and so I can manage the luggage!). I also pack a large tote for the plane with a padded section for my laptop and a special strap that hooks onto the handle of my suitcase. That way I can set it up there and keep it off my shoulder when I’m on the move. I also often use a backpack as my second carry-on: because it’s on my back, it leaves my hands free. I put all the things I will need for the flight into one of those bags and place it under the seat in front of me. I put any non essentials into the other, and put that into the overhead compartment.

If I’m going on a quick trip, I try my hardest to put everything into a carry-on rolling suitcase and a tote. It’s so much easier to get around with less luggage! But sometimes, you need that fourth pair of shoes, right?

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What do you love the most about travelling?

It never ceases to amaze me: every time I travel I learn so much about myself and the world. I always return home with more compassion and understanding for myself and for others. I love being able to stretch myself outside my comfort zone by trying new things. And when you’re in a place different than your hometown, everything and everyone is new. This creates space for more awareness of others, and opportunities to get to know yourself better. I love learning how other people live. The people of this planet and our cultural similarities and differences fascinates me.

And finally, because I live in NYC with barely any nature to speak of, I am almost always completely amazed by Mother Nature and this gorgeous Earth we live on. In California, the mountains, the giant trees, the powerful ocean, the glowing sunset – I was living in the middle of pure beauty everyday. I mean, HURRAY!

Each trip is so amazing that I want to see more and more and more places. I’ve been so blessed to be able to create such amazing travel opportunities and to work with some of the most amazing brands in the process, and I want more.


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