So what is the deal with bridal lingerie?
There are a million details to planning any wedding. Organizing even a tiny ceremony can be immensely complex. As a bride, you may find yourself worrying more about others and their needs than how you are going to experience your big day.

Maybe your mother, your dressmaker, or bridal magazines have told you that a bride is supposed to wear princess lingerie on her big day. Frilly lingerie? As if you don’t have enough to worry about already. Relax. We’re here to tell you how to handle the whole bridal lingerie question so it plays perfectly into your own enjoyment of your big day.

Remember. On your wedding day, you’re a queen (not a princess).
In and around the invitations, the flowers, and finding a DJ who your friends and grandparents can get down to, you need to think about your own sensual needs. As the bride, how to you want to enjoy yourself – at the hen party, your wedding night, and on your honeymoon?

Set the stage for your own pleasure.
People make the mistake of thinking that bridal lingerie is simply the parcel your betrothed will open on your wedding night. Sure, that could be part of the fun. But in fact, choosing and wearing bridal lingerie is about taking charge of your own pleasure, as the queen of your wedding night.

Dress for your own enjoyment. And comfort.
Wait… isn’t great lingerie supposed to be uncomfortable? Isn’t it supposed to pull, and cinch and bunch throughout your wedding day, just to remind you it’s there?

Absolutely not. The perfect bridal lingerie set makes you feel divinely sexy and comfortable all day. Yes it has to work with your dress. Yes, traditionally bridal lingerie is feminine and lacy. But are you feminine and lacy? Wear the bridal lingerie that makes you feel like a queen, physically, emotionally and sensually. A bride who feels comfortable with herself is a happy and beautiful woman.

Blush Lingerie for Bridal

How to choose the perfect bridal lingerie:

1. Start with the dress. What is the style of your dress? What type of underpinnings will make the dress fit better, move elegantly, conceal and reveal just the right amount? Make sure you fit your dress with the right lingerie from the start.

2. Indulge your fantasies. How do you want to feel? Who do you want to be on your wedding day and night? Explore your own fantasies about being a bride. It may surprise you. Choose lingerie that enables you to express possibly new parts of your personality and your sexuality.

3. Aim for comfort. How long will you be wearing your lingerie? Will you be sitting, eating, dancing? Make sure your lingerie can go the distance. Try it out for several hours (maybe during the rehearsal?) to be sure you won’t want to unbuckle and adjust everything midway through.

4. Get to know your lingerie. Are corsets, underwire bras and garters a new experience for you? Whatever new lingerie styles you’re taking on (and this goes for the dress too), make sure you learn how to adjust your new underthings, and how to wear them for maximum impact. When in doubt, get help from your most adventurous friend.

5. Consider a sexy costume change. Of course you want to feel fabulously sexy under your wedding dress… Don’t compromise there! But it also feels good to slip out of all that frilly white and into a more playful version of yourself. Consider your costume changes throughout the evening, on top and underneath, to maximize your own enjoyment.

You may have to concede all kinds of wedding details thanks to tradition, or expectations, or simply to make your guests happy. But your bridal lingerie is all about you. Only you truly know what’s going on underneath that wedding or party dress. So have fun with it. Turn your wedding day and night into a deliciously sensual experience that maximizes its pleasure – for you and your new spouse.