The hot season is back… and so is our #SummerPrepSchool series! This week, we’ve got the best tips for the ultimate summer glow.


Scrub, scrub, scrub!

The first step to having glowing skin is getting rid of all impurities, dead cells and residue by exfoliating; Herbivore’s Coco Rose body polish is a Blush favorite! And don’t forget your lips! Henné Organics’ Rose Diamond lip exfoliator will give you the most kissable pout ever!




After your scrub session, make sure to moisturize your skin so it’s nourished and hydrated. Go for all-natural moisturizers made with organic ingredients, and stay away for chemicals. Remember, you should be able to eat to products you put on your skin! An easy, inexpensive solution? Coconut oil! You can use it as a face and body moisturizer, a shaving lotion, a hair mask… And it smells SO good!



Use protection

We can’t stress it enough: you should wear an SPF protection every single say, rain or shine, as the sun’s harmful rays accelerate the skin’s aging process and can cause cancer. Make sure to reapply regularly! Use the SPF level you’re wearing as a reminder: if you’re wearing SPF 30, you should reapply every 30 minutes.



Stay hydrated

The sun, the heat and the wind can cause dehydration, which is the skin’s number 1 enemy. Always carry a bottle of water with you (we love S’well bottles — so pretty!), and refill it often throughout the day. Not a fan of plain water? Add a few slices of cucumber and lemon to give it a fresh taste!



Eat fresh

Summer is the best time to eat healthy, as the markets are loaded with fruits, vegetables and herbs. The nutrients to look for? Antioxydants (berries, green tea, dark chocolate), omega 3 and fatty acids (fish and seafood, avocado), and vitamin A, C and E (peppers, kale). In short, go for colorful produce and healthy fats, and stay away from salt, sugar and saturated fats.


Get your Z’s

We know, we know, during summer it seems like every night, there’s a barbecue, happy hour or party you have to go to, and you end up sleeping only a few hours… But sleep is SO important, as it helps your body regenerate, and can completely change the look of your skin. If you feel relaxed and rested, it will show! So skip that 5th get-together in a row and stay in tonight!