2016 has been an important year for women, and this year will be no different. At such a difficult political time, all of us need to join efforts and make a change. Here are 5 ways women can stick together in 2017.


Support female artists

Whether it is musicians, authors, movie makers, writers, bloggers or visual artists, supporting female creators will help shine a light and give us all a voice, both culturally and politically.

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Educate yourself

The more you know, the more you can make a change! Read books and blogs (we love blogs Everyday Feminism and My Favorite F Word is Feminism), and get to know not only the historical side of feminism to see how much we’ve accomplished, but also what’s happening today to see how far we can go.


Familiarize yourself with the struggles of other minorities

Feminism should be intersectional; it should include everyone. A white heterosexual woman’s story is different from a Black woman’s, an Arabic’s woman, a physically disabled woman’s. Learn to see in what ways you are privileged, and in what ways you can be an actor of change and support other women.


Speak up when you see injustice

A dirty joke from a relative, a guy cat-calling on the street, a non-consensual sexual encounter because you had been drinking or were too scared to say “no”, inappropriate touching from a superior… Whether it happens to you or someone around you, speak up and stand up for yourself and for other women. We love this story about 3 girls who saved a girl after seeing her date put drugs in her drink. Girl power!


Dare to tell your own story

Everybody has a story, and we should never be afraid to share it with other women and with the world. By opening up about our lives, we can truly make a change and enrich that feeling of “sisterhood”.


Do you have an empowering story to share with the world? We want to hear it! Send us an email at abeaudry@blushlingerie.com with subject “Girl Power“, and you story could be featured on The Blush Social!