How’s happy to finally lay under the sun? We know we are! We’re getting ready to hit the beach or the pool and spend our days outside… But in our day-to-day life, we often forget to protect our face from the damages that the sun, the heat and the wind can cause to our skin, even on a short walk outside or a quick lunch on a terrasse. Read on to learn everything about taking care of that beautiful face of yours, and get ready to get glowing!


Good hydration

We know you were expecting this one! Water is your best friend for a youthful, bright complexion. Slow down on the sugary cocktails — alcohol will make your skin dull and dry. Why not skip that 3rd drink and have sparkling water infused with fruits instead? (This Ivory Ella water bottle is sooo cute!).



Never go out without protection!

Piling on layers of various creams and moisturizing can feel heavy, especially during the summer… but that’s no excuse for skipping sun protection, especially since the skin of your face is extra sensitive. Find a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30 to make sure to protect your skin from premature signs of aging, dark spots and sunburns. Don’t forget the eyes and the lips (Vichy has a great SPF 30 lip balm; make sure to keep one in your purse!). Double the protection — and the style — by wearing a hat when going outside.



Go soft on your skin

When it comes to moisturizers and cleansers, choose cleansers and scrubs with light formulas to prevent damaging the skin (we love Avène’s soft moisturizers and cleansers!). Face masks are also a great way to give that extra boost to your skin.



How do you take care of your face during summer?