Why do we still covet French women when it comes to their lingerie?

North American women today have plenty of access to sexy lingerie!  Cosmopolitan North American cities are lined with lingerie boutiques and opportunities to buy sexy clothes. …But many North American women don’t go the extra mile to adorn their curves in luxury or lace to feel sexy every day. The North American lingerie value system hasn’t completely caught up with that of French women.

Feeling Sexy Every Day means changing your values. Here are the 3 key values French women believe in when it comes to lingerie:

 1 > Every Day is  Special

French women don’t wear  ’everyday’ panties. If you’ve ever walked the backstreets of Paris in summer, notice the laundry lines: gorgeous French knickers hanging on the lines everywhere! French women put on a pretty pair of panties every day. We know that wearing sexy underwear makes women feel more luxurious, sophisticated and feminine all day. French women have always made pretty panties and important part of their wardrobe. Image Courtesy Panty by Post  

2 > Your Bra & Panties Should Match

French women always match their bra and panties, whether anyone will see them or not! Remember, you don’t have to buy a set each time; it’s normal that we change our panties a lot more than our bras. Here’s a little French secret: buy 3 pairs of panties in the same colour for every bra you buy. Makes more sense, no?!

Image courtesy Anthony Turano 

3 > Be beautiful for bedtime too!

French women don’t wear old t-shirts to bed. A silky chemise, or a lace baby doll make her feel beautiful and elegant at night too!

Blush Fall_2009_bedtime

Give yourself the gift of lingerie and bring a little lace into your life. “L’amour de la lingerie” as they say in France.

…because French femininity doesn’t have to be limited to those who live in France!