For many of us it’s been a long, cold winter… one that involved a lot of cozy TV watching and outdoor activity avoidance. When winter nights get long and motivation starts to slip in favor of hibernation, it’s normal to feel a little less libidinous.

Of course we can’t speak for all of you. We’re sure some of you had the sexiest winter ever. You’re five steps ahead of the rest of us — hooray! But for those whose sex drive dropped with the mercury, we’re here to help you get your mojo back. It’s almost spring. And nothing is sweeter than feeling sexy in the springtime.

We’ve compiled five easy things you can do to boost your lazy-ass winter libido, giving you more spark, pheromones and staying power now that spring is here.

1. Get outside and walk in nature.

Step out of your winter nest and walk somewhere green and natural. Breathe fresh air and absorb some sunshine. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some friendly pedestrians to flirt with. Human beings are not made to live surrounded by walls and carpet and electronics – our bodies hate it. Get out of that cage, surround yourself with living things and you’ll feel your animal instinct returning with the bunnies and the flowers.

2. Wear something sexy.

Maybe you’ve been dressing like a bear since November. Bears are sexy. But what’s even sexier is taking off that sweatshirt and those wool socks. Experts say that to become something, first pretend and eventually you become it. Even if you’re not feeling it, try on something sexy: lace, frills, mesh… whatever pushes your “I feel like a sex monster” button. Dress up a little when you go out. And dress up even more when you stay in. Now that it’s warmer outside, you have no excuse.

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3. Eat more sesame seeds, and less sugar.

Sesame seeds, seafood and other protein-rich foods contain an amino acid called arginine. By adding more arginine to your diet, you improve blood flow… something that’s proven to make both men and women get aroused more easily. While you’re at it, cut out foods that may be killing your desire – starting with sugar, alcohol and refined carbohydrates.

4. Get your brain chemistry on track, naturally.

Long, dark winters wreak havoc on the brain chemicals that regulate our mood. As you come out of winter (or ideally, throughout the darkest months) boost your happy brain chemicals by supplementing your diet with fish oil, vitamin D, magnesium, and amino acids such as choline, inositol and tryptophan. We don’t have to tell you that having a happy brain also makes our other body parts happy, do we?

5. Fall in love (with yourself).

Nothing is sexier than self love. After a long, chilly winter you’re going to need a little love and attention. Don’t wait for it to come from elsewhere. Pamper and indulge your own happiness. Before long you’ll be enjoying your own company (maybe a little too much). It won’t be long before others want in on that action. By then you can take it or leave it – you’re a renewable source of your own sexy, thank you very much.