We have all kinds of associations with corsets: the cinched-up Victorian lady, the pop diva, the Cinderella princess… Each has its place. But none of these have to do with why we are crushing so hard on corsetry, and why corsets are particularly hot in fashionable circles this spring.

Sure, you can play princess and pair your corset with the floofiest of girly attire. But you can also wear a corset with literally anything. (We’re not just saying that.) Pair corsetry with jeans, with a pair of boy shorts, a skirt… Anything goes. With some simple lacing up, the most ordinary outfit becomes a whole lot more.

Let’s cut to the chase. Five reasons why corsets are this spring’s hottest lingerie piece:

1. Cleavage. A well-laced corset will give cleavage to even the most petite among us. And if you have a large cup size, the resulting cleavage is nothing short of remarkable. Even if you’re not a classically feminine woman, it’s a whole lot of fun to head out for the evening laced up with your girls on display.

2. You can wear one underneath, or on top. A corset underneath is like a sweet little secret. You can feel it, and you can see the difference it makes to your figure, but this is all about you. On top, a corset turns a regular evening into magic. Wear it with anything and you will feel like a queen.

3. Amazingly complex and beautiful styles. Recent years have seen an explosion in corset design. Today you can easily find thousands of corset styles – from ultra feminine, to kinky, to avant garde – with the click of a mouse. Corsetry enables you to be more of whoever you want to be – from princess, to dominatrix (or a little of each).

4. A stunning figure. Thankfully the days of corsets being a social necessity are well behind us. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your figure by pulling it in and pushing it up. A well-corseted woman looks divine, both dressed and undressed. Experiment with a more curvaceous figure and discover your inner femme fatale.

5. They’re actually comfortable now. Once upon a time (not so long ago) corsetry was just another painful part of being a woman. Not any more. Today’s corset designers put a lot of care into adapting their wares to the female body, with some astounding results. New corsets are designed to hold and give. Boning is soft and flexible, while seams and buckles are soft and pinch-free.

The return of corsetry into high fashion and lingerie has a lot to do with the diversity of identities currently being explored by women, in pop culture and in our lives. Many of us have the freedom to be whomever we want to be, depending on the occasion. From pirate, to queen, to coquette and beyond, dressing in corsets and other costumery is simply an extension of this exploration, into lingerie design, high fashion, cinema and beyond.

Corsets by Blush Lingerie