lisa-sim-400x400As a makeup artist, Lisa Sim is convinced that eyebrow grooming offers the greatest improvement for the least intervention.

“I like to think of myself as a brow rehab therapist,” she says. “Many women really don’t know how to do their eyebrows, and after they leave my chair, I see more confidence, straighter shoulders. When done right, eyebrow shaping can make it look like you just had a facelift!”

Still, she admits that “keeping it natural” can be quite subjective. “I try to feel out the personality and style of the person I’m working with. One person’s natural is someone else’s Tammy Faye.” But she says there are some basic techniques that should always be respected.

Her mantra for eyebrow shaping? “If eyes are the window to the soul, then eyebrows are the window dressing!”

How to find your ideal eyebrow shape

Lisa Sim explains there are 3 parts to an eyebrow, and each one needs to be aligned to other features of the face:

Part 1  Eyebrow Inner Corner

When defining the beginning of the inner corner of the eyebrow, start by making a straight line up from the outer corner of the nose.

Part 2 Eyebrow Arch

To find the uppermost point of the arch, make a line from the outer corner of the nose to the iris and continue the line to the brow. That’s where the highest point of the arch should be.

Part 3 Eyebrow Tail

The end of the eyebrow tail should line up with the line from the outer corner of the eye and the outer corner of the nose.

Lisa Sim explains it in this video for

With a highly successful career as a makeup artist for fashion photography, film and video shoots, Sim also caters to private clients at the Illusions salon in Montreal. Known as the “brow specialist”, she caters to both private clients in Montreal and clients from out of town who want to get the experience of her “third eye.”

Lisa Sim also recently launched her own line of natural cosmetics called Sim Minerals. Free of parabens, alcohol, dyes, or chemical-based sunscreen, it’s made to nourish the face, to be therapeutic for the skin. “It’s so incredibly important to prevent skin damage,” she says.




Sim says that eyebrow therapy is important for women outside the salon too, especially women who have experienced facial hair loss. Women who recover from cancer often lose their eyebrows, then have them growing back differently than before. Sim has done her share of philanthropy and volunteer work for breast cancer survivors in the past few years notably with the Hope and Cope Wellness Center in Montreal  and the Rethink Breast Cancer Program for young women. “Hair grows back in new places – it’s important to help  breast cancer survivors look their best to boost confidence in recovery.”

In need of Brow Rehap?

Sim says there are three main types of brows she sees that could use help.

“Okay so I’ve created a name for some of the typical eyebrow shapes I see in my chair in need of a little bit of brow therapy.”

“The Mad Scientist”

– When they’re just too bushy and thick and sometimes larger at the edge of the face.

“Hickory Sticks”

– When the hairs are straight and sticking out in every direction.

“The Apostrophe”

– A big ball with a line.

“It’s incredibly satisfying to help my client’s find their natural eyebrow shape and walk away feeling good about themselves, with more confidence!”


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