Ever wondered about the rules for strip poker? Or does the mere thought of it make you blush? If you’re unsure about how to play poker, then this is the wrong place to start. Start by reading poker basics on How Stuff Works or Wiki How to Play Poker Ready now?

Now, are you of legal age in your geographic location to play? Okay. First off, a little inspiration from one of our friendly neighborhood retailers The Devil May Care boutique. In this video, women play strip poker together for keeps:

Quad Rockets from Anastasia Cerankosky on Vimeo.

The poker star in this video takes home all the lingerie! You could play to keep the clothes… but there are more conventional ways to do this:    


The Basics

The dealer chooses a game (deal is passed after each game, clockwise). The choice of games should include games that don’t rely on betting. Two or None, Five Card Draw, Low Ball and similar one or no draw games are good. Since Strip Poker is not a betting game, Guts, Sweep, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card No Peek, 3-5-7, and variants are examples of betting games that won’t work well for Strip Poker. It is very important that all players understand and agree to all the rules of Strip Poker before play begins. Anyone not willing to follow through on rules established before the game began should not be playing! People should not be forced or pressured into doing something they don’t want to do. Avoid these problems by making everything clear from the get-go. If someone does chicken out – let them. You don’t want your game to make anyone feel bad.


Get dressed to undress

To ensure fairness, strip poker players should begin with the same  number of items of clothing. We suggest 10 items but players can set the agreed amount. A shoe on each foot counts. You’ll be wearing stockings (knee-high’s best – that’s two) or a sock on each foot.  – That’s four items already.  You’ll likely want to do a skirt and blouse for this occasion: that’s two more, making six, leaving you four more items to wear. If you go for a dress, you’ll have five left. Add a belt and/or a scarf to get back down to 3 or 4 items needed. That’s where your lingerie becomes very important because unless you get incredibly lucky, you’re going to be showing off your underclothes tonight, and you want to look good!



Here’s where the fun starts when you’re getting dressed for the game. You need 3 or 4 more items to be wearing 10. The lingerie combinations are endless! Here are some suggestions et voila! You’re ready to put on your poker face…

(for 3 items) – Bra, panty & chemise

(for 4 items) – Bra, panty, double teddy, or double chemise

(for 5 items) –  Bra, panty, teddy, & stockings with garter (each stocking counts = 2!)


Where do your extra items of clothing come from? No worries. Make sure you wear an undershirt that day. Some suspenders, a tie, a hat, some sunglasses, and you should be good to go. In fact, many professional poker players wear sunglasses and a hat to hide their poker face… you might want to wear that hat ’till the end if you have difficulty bluffing!

Playing the Game 

In it’s simplest form, either the player with the lowest hand must remove one article of clothing, or all players except the highest hand must remove an article of clothing (depending on how fast your group of players wants the game to progress). In this form, the game is played until only one player has clothes left (and is therefore the winner or looser as the case may be). Players who have lost all their clothes generally are required to remain nude until the game has finished, leaving only one winner. If desired, you can add a “truth or dare,” element to the game, if players want to continue playing once they are nude. Suggestions for dares include doing jumping jacks or spending one minute in front of the open freezer. (brrrr!!!) You can also create a list of dares starting with simple things and leading to more complicated ones. If someone wants to stay in the game, they will know before the cards are dealt what awaits them if they lose… Most importantly, everyone should be within their comfort zone and have fun!

And don’t forget to put on a good poker face! Lady Gaga can help you with this one: