We must face it: soon, Fall will be here, followed by Winter… which mean we won’t want to leave the house to face the cold. Why not turn these months of hibernation into a luxurious experience? Get ready to master the art of cocooning!


Setting the mood

Relaxation is all about being in the right mood. Get rid of everything that stresses you out: turn off your phone, put your agenda away, clean up the house and take care of everything that could be bothering you during your me-time. Then, put on some calming, zen music (we’ve got a playlist for you HERE!), light some candles, put fresh flowers in every room… You will feel like you’re in a hotel!



Old t-shirts, out!

We’re all about being comfy, but if we’re going to do some cocooning, let’s do it the fabulous way! Look for light, stretch fabrics that will allow you to move freely. Think of layering multiple pieces: that way, you can pile pieces up if you’re cold, and take some off if you get too warm. Click HERE to discover our selection of Blush sleepwear and loungewear!



Food, obviously

Of course, you will need energy for all this time relaxing; being zen can be sooo tiring! Whether you go the comfort food way (we’re thinking mac&cheese and ice cream) or the healthy way (there’s nothing like a good hot soup and a fresh green smoothie!), choose something that you will be excited to eat. And why not treat yourself to a glass of rosé or champagne?

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Accessorize wisely

Blankets and pillows are must-haves for those long hours of lying on the couch; make sure you are extra-comfortable and won’t need to move. Go for luxurious textures in neutral tones (because #Instagram, obvs). Make sure to have all the essentials on hand: the remote, a bottle of water, magazines, socks, and everything else that will make this moment perfect (a kitten or a puppy, maybe; just sayin’).


Now, chill

Cocooning is a personal experience, therefore you have to find something that YOU find relaxing. For some, it’s taking a long, hot bath; for others, it’s reading a book… Take this precious time to do something that you really love.