Can you believe Christmas is almost here? Only a couple of days before our favorite time of the year!

Take advantage of these 5 days and follow our Christmas countdown!


December 20th: Make sure everything is planned

You don’t want to run around at the mall, the liquor store and the market to make last-minute purchases! If you’re hosting, review your menus and stock up on wine; also, try to cook in advance, so you don’t have to spend the night in the kitchen. Write down a list of all the things missing: gifts, decorations, accessories, and try to gather everything at once.



December 21st: Pamper yourself

If you haven’t booked an appointment at the beauty salon yet, now’s the time! Get a festive mani-pedi, pluck your eyebrows, dye your roots, do a face and hair mask… You won’t want to apply glitter nail polish 20 minutes before leaving the house! You should also plan your makeup in advance; review your beauty Pinterest boards for inspiration, and make sure you’ve got your favorite mascara and lipstick at hand. If you have the time and wish to try a new look, practice once or twice. A messy cat-eye will NOT ruin your Holidays!



December 22nd: Choose your outfits

Don’t count on last minute inspiration when you have to be out the door in 30 minutes! Plan a few outfits, and make sure you’ve got the right underwear, shoes and accessories to wear them (because wearing a neon pink bra under a classic white blouse definitely is a no-no). Check your stockings and socks for scratches and holes, wear your shoes inside for an hour to make sure your feet will survive, and take pictures of yourself if your reflection in the mirror doesn’t convince you. Got a lot of parties to go to? Pick a few classic pieces you can mix & match, so you won’t feel like you’re wearing the same outfit over and over again. And when in doubt, go for a timeless LBD.



December 23rd: Clean the house

You’ve probably been decorating, wrapping gifts and cooking all month. Time to do the dishes, clean the bathroom and throw away any to-do list, piece of wrapping paper and other useless things lying around the house. If you’re hosting, you want your guests to feel welcome; if you’re going away, you’ll appreciate coming home to a clean environment.



December 24th: Relax

Everything should be ready by now; it’s time to relax! Take a few hours to do something you love: take a long bath, read your favorite book, watch a Christmas movie in your PJ’s, take a long nap… You will enjoy your dinners and parties way more if you took some time for yourself before.



December 25th: Celebrate!

You’ve done everything you needed to do, you’ve planned everything that needed to plan… Now’s the time to celebrate and enjoy the moment! Remember that no one and nothing is perfect, so embrace the messiness and the crazy running-around; after all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!