Chocolate is the number one food women crave.

Why? Simple! Chocolate contains all the feel-good essentials for a quick-fix feel-good pick-me-up! Chocolate is one of the #1 best short-term solutions to almost any problem.

These 4 ingredients are what make chocolate so effective:

  1. Theobromine – Offering an energy boost, chocolate contains theobromine, a caffeine-like stimulant that perks you up.
  2. Tryptophane – Like a temporary anti depressant, tryptophone increases the brain’s serotonin levels for a happy, feel-good result.
  3. Phenethylamine – This is the endorphin-releasing ingredient that brings out feelings of passion and love.
  4. Sugar and Fat – This is the unbeatable combination of ingredients that gives chocolate its irresistible  creamy texture.

In short, chocolate makes us feel good!

And recently, we have been taught a simple logical equation to put chocolate in the “extreme health food” category.

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate is Salad

If you haven’t heard yet, then you don’t know how liberating it is to believe this wonderful logic.

It turns out, chocolate is salad.

chocolate is salad

We’ve worshipped the echanacia plant, the avocado, the edamame, and the sprout, but if there ever was a plant that deserved our unending appreciation, it would be the cacao plant.

Good for Heart Health

Cacao contains flavonoids, the antioxidant found in chocolate and red wine. Flavonoids in  dark chocolate help increase blood flow, a wonderful way to reduce high blood pressure. This, of course, is exclusive to dark chocolate with high levels of cacao in it. Off the shelf milk chocolate full of sugar and fat doesn’t make it into the high flavonoid equation.



Chocolate is an aphrodisiac

Combine dark chocolate and lingerie to help you get in the mood!

Feel good inside and out!

Scientists studying the brain have found out that when someone’s in love, his or her brain produces a chemical called phenylethylamine (PEA) mentioned above. This is an ingredient present in chocolate. It mimics amphetamines in the brain, triggering a release of the hormones norepinephrine and dopamine to create feelings of euphoria.

…but timing is everything. Thanks to an enzyme called  monoamine oxidase (MAO), the PEA in your body doesn’t last for very long. (ie. it’s not the woman’s equivalent of Viagra!) It just helps melt the stresses of the day away…

So next time you feel guilty about a craving for chocolate – don’t! It’s good for you. It’s salad!

…and salad is good for you.

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