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Best Underwear for Yoga

What's the best way to start the morning? Doing yoga in your underwear, of course! Isn't she amazing? Now, for those of us who are still working on mastering the downward dog and warrior pose, yoga in a studio may be a better option. But what to wear? It's fairly easy to find a good workout bra, but the best underwear for yoga question has been left q[...]

Unravelling the Mystery of the Kimono

     “…You cannot call yourself a true Geisha until you can stop a man in his tracks with a single look…”   Most westerners associate the kimono with the mysterious and graceful Japanese Geisha girl. She has given westerners reason to covet the kimono – and with reason. Geisha literally means “artist” and late in the eighteenth centu[...]

Second Skin: The Erotic Art of Lingerie

Sexier than nudeness is a body suggestively wrapped in satin and lace… Lingerie just got a whole lot sexier inbetween the sheets of this inspiring coffee table book. In Second Skin: the Erotic Art of Lingerie, editor Patrice Farameh explores the question in the mystery of lingerie: “What is the attraction of lingerie for the woman who wears it? When does [...]