Sexier than nudeness is a body suggestively wrapped in satin and lace…

Lingerie just got a whole lot sexier inbetween the sheets of this inspiring coffee table book. In Second Skin: the Erotic Art of Lingerie, editor Patrice Farameh explores the question in the mystery of lingerie: “What is the attraction of lingerie for the woman who wears it? When does a woman feel erotic in her underwear? When does it inspire her sexually? What is it that lets loose the sensual power of these intimate little scraps of fabric?

“Women have known it for centuries and men will be eager to confirm. Once kept demurely concealed, lingerie now pervades every fashion category, inspiring designs for day looks, loungewear, evening clothes, and accessories. This book lusciously invites the reader to enter the world of contemporary lingerie design, seductively unveiling all that the heart desires with countless photographs of corsets, garter belts, brassieres, negligees and many more stunning accessories beyond the purely practical.”





Featuring the Blush Starstruck corset  on its cover, this gorgeous hardback book  by daab books poetically extrudes the heart, soul, beauty and emotion of intimate apparel. It’s a must-have for all lingerie lovers.

SECOND SKIN: The Erotic Art of Lingerie

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