Our #BlushWanderlust adventure is coming to an end; who knew summer sales could be so much fun?

For the past 3 weeks, we’ve had a blast virtually taking you to 7 cities in Canada and the United States, and meeting the best bloggers and coolest brands along the way!



Shoutout to Victoria Van Ness and her fabulous blog, and to Tuleste jewelry, Meow Meow Tweet skin care, Love + Sage NY lip balms, Bag-All lingerie bags, The Laundress fabric care products, Smoke x Mirrors eyewear and Yarok hair products!



THANK YOU to Carolina Lindo, of I’m Not Sorry Darling, and to Crasqi Miami  bracelets, Cold Pressed Raw juices, Deco Miami nail polishes and Ocean Drive Magazine!



Lots of love to Lauren Vandiver, the blogger behind Vandi Fair, and to Hari Mari flip flops and Hip Chix jeans!



Big hug to Camille Newbern, of The L.A. Survival Guide, and to Sugar Paper stationery, ILIA makeup, The Sunny Lion earbuds, NUX activewear, and Sagjol denim!



Red kisses to Sarah Tripp, writer of the blog Sassy Red Lipstick, and to BKR water bottles, Ilano designs, ÀPlat totes, and Captain Blankenship beauty products!



Thanks to Angel Zheng, blogger of Speak of the Angel, and to Amaterasu beauty products, Vitruvi oils, Lippy Girl makeup, Karma athletics and Skoah skincare!



Hugs & Kisses to Melissa Soldera, blogger behind Cocktails and Luxury, and to Matt+Nat vegan bags, Faro+Trich jewelry, Josie+Hue face masks and Sim Minerals cosmetics!


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