2017 is here! The beginning of a new year is the perfect occasion to look back at our past accomplishments, and take some time to set new goals for the months to come. Here are the Blush team’s 5 resolutions; time to become the happiest version of yourself!


Be healthier

OK, we know that getting back in shape is a huge cliché: what happened to that gym membership you took last January? That’s what we thought. But this year, let’s start will small changes, and have fun with it. It can be as easy as drinking more water (add cucumber & citrus to jazz it up!), choosing all-natural beauty and skincare products, or taking a dance class with your best friend! Time to take care of that hot body of yours will make all the difference.

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Feel like you’re always running around, trying to do a million things at the same time? Stop! 2017 will be the year you take some time for yourself. Take a long bath, sleep 8 hours every night, turn off your electronic devices in the evening… Don’t let stress eat you up!

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Go sexier!

Just to be clear, we’re not talking being sexy to seduce someone else. This year is all about YOURSELF! Dare to try on fabulous lingerie, even if no one else but you will see it. Every woman should find her own personal way to express her sexuality and her feminity, and put herself first, more than anything. It’s the best gift you can give yourself!

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What are YOUR resolutions for 2017?