This Mother’s Day, Blush is proud to team up with cool Quebec mamas to highlight the joys and challenges of a mom’s life. Blogger Zineb B shares her experience as a new mom.

Zineb, you are the mother of an adorable little girl, Rania. How has your life changed since she was born?  

I think it would be easier to ask me what hasn’t changed since Rania was born. My days are planned according to her: my appointments, my work, my activities, everything!


Being from Morocco, what family values have you kept from your country of origin? What differences do you see between family life in Morocco and in Quebec?

I would say hospitality, solidarity between family members and respect for elders.


At the end of your pregnancy, you put your blog on pause, while keeping a contact with your followers on social media. What have you learned from these few months of distance?

They have made me realize that I love what I do because I’ve missed it a lot. These few months have allowed me to focus on my new role as a mother, and then, since I was in Morocco for a few months, it also allowed me to spend precious moments with my family. Also, even if I was not active on the blog, I was working on new projects, like Bibouzi Boutique, my new handbag collection, and my YouTube channel, which I’ve recently launched.


You have an amazing sense of style, and you are the designer of a handbag collection; needless to say, fashion is a big part of your life! Do you think that your daughter will share that passion?

I think she won’t have a choice (haha). Jokes aside, I think that growing up and seeing her mom passionate by beautiful things will inspire her to develop her own style.



You mentioned on your blog that one of your resolutions this year is to eat healthier. What are your tips to stay active and healthy with your busy mommy lifestyle?

Eating healthy is now a part of my lifestyle. It isn’t an effort anymore, I find pleasure in it. Also, I find it helps me have more energy. The secret is to be organized, to always have a healthy snack at hand, and not to forget to spoil yourself from time to time.


As a blogger, you are obviously very active on social media. But as a mom, are you worried for your daughter? Are you afraid she might one day feel pressured to present a certain image?

I am aware of the pressure many people may feel because of social media, and honestly, it saddens me! I constantly try to explain that you shouldn’t only rely on perfect images and stories you find on Instagram, for example; on the other side, it’s a completely different thing. I talk about it often in my Snapchat videos, and I’m thinking of making a full video about it. I think it’s all about education: I only promote noble and healthy values on my social media platforms.



What have you learned about yourself since you became a mother?

Becoming a mother is something that’s incredibly strong. I’ve realized that I can do so many more things, that I am capable of so much more than I thought. I’ve also learned that I am no longer the priority, that now, there is someone else that comes first, someone that I love more than I could ever love myself. I’ve learned that I am so much stronger than I thought.

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