This Mother’s Day, Blush is proud to team up with cool Quebec mamas to highlight the joys and challenges of a mom’s life. Blogger & YouTuber Melissa Soldera shares her joy of becoming a mom for the first time.


What do you love about Montreal as a city to raise your family?

I love how multi-cultural Montreal is; how so many children are raised speaking English, French and a third language. I love that diversity is something we embrace here.

You are having a girl; as we know, being a woman is so hard in this day and age, where so many girls rely on “likes” to boost their self-esteem, going on crazy diets and extreme procedures to fit in the world… Are you worried about that for your daughter, especially since you work in social media yourself?

I am worried about that — I think all parents now-a-days should be worried about that. The world we grew up in is completely different to the world our children will be living in. I hope that my husband and I will raise our daughter to know her worth and to know that she is so much more than an Instagram ‘like’. I hope we instead in her the confidence to be above it all.


What kind of mom do you think you will be?

I have been asked this question a lot lately; I will definitely be fair but tough. I want to be the kind of mom my mother is; she is always there for me but she will never hold back what she thinks. I have always respected that about my mom and want to have the same dynamic with my daughter.

As a blogger, YouTuber and influencer, you are obviously very active on social media, share a lot about your journey… Do you think that will change once your daughter will be born? Are you careful about sharing some parts of your private life with your followers, or are you happy to do so?

I think this will be something I gauge as I go. I am always open to share my life on YouTube and Instagram but I think once a child is involved there needs to be a part of your life that you keep to yourself. I guess what I mean is I’ll have to see how I feel when she’s born…

How has your style evolved since you became pregnant?

Aside from embracing sneakers and avoiding crop tops I really don’t think my style has changed much.


What are your pregnancy must-haves, the products you can’t live without?

My faux leather leggings from Asos Maternity, Adidas Superstars and Starbucks Sugar-Free green tea lemonades.

What changes about yourself have you noticed since you became pregnant?

I have become much more calm. I used to get so worked up and stressed out about the smallest things and I feel like I have pulled a 180 since being pregnant and nothing affects anymore. I have become zen AF!


What values do you want to teach your daughter?

There are so many values I want to teach her but the one that stands out the most is; family above all.


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all pictures: Melissa Soldera on Instagram