This Mother’s Day, Blush is proud to team up with cool Quebec mamas to highlight the joys and challenges of a mom’s life. Actress and entrepreneur Jacynthe René tells us about her life as a mother. 


Jacynthe, after getting big roles on TV and cinema, in Quebec and worldwide, you decided to relocate to La Prairie, in nature, and to opt for a healthy, natural and balanced lifestyle. What motivated you to do such a change?

First I moved to the country for my dogs, I thought they would be happier, and I fell in love with the house. That’s how I discovered life in nature.


You are the mother of three sons. What values do you want to teach them?

Respect, determination, and to listen to themselves.


In 2010, you founded the alternative school Les Cheminots. Why did you decide to get involved in the creation of an alternative learning environment?

So that my kids could stay kids.


You’ve launched Jardin d’Eden, a day camp focussed on going back to the land and activities in nature. What changes have you noticed in the children that stay at the camp? What are the most important benefits about life in nature for kids?

Well-being, peace; they say they feel free here.


Your books Respirer le bonheur, Vive la détox gourmande and Délices détox, your website, J Magazine, and your webseries Vive, are so popular! What made you want to share your secrets to the public?

Because I couldn’t keep them to myself!


You’ve launched a 100% natural skincare line in Fall 2014. How has your style and beauty routine change since you’ve become a mother?

I started surrounding myself with everything that’s natural to avoid affection my kids’ health.



You are very active on social media. Are you worried for your kids, in this era where people seem to be spending more time on their phone than in “real life”? Are there some things you want to keep private?

Yes, I am worried for them. It’s so easy now, you have to supervise, because they quickly become addicted. Now that I’ve started hiding the devices temporarily (phone and iPad), life goes on! They do arts and crafts, they read, they play on the trampoline… They don’t complain at all!


all pictures: Jacynthe René on Instagram