This Mother’s Day, Blush is proud to team up with cool Quebec mamas to highlight the joys and challenges of a mom’s life. Bloggers Carolane and Josiane Stratis share their rare experience of being moms and twins.


Carolane and Josiane, you went through your first pregnancy together. Looking back, how has this experience changed your relationship?

Josiane: I think it made us closer. Carolane received her diagnosis of depression in 2012 during the worst year of our lives, so getting pregnant at the same time helped us make peace. There’s nothing more magical than asking questions to your twin sister and getting the real answers.

Carolane: It also allowed us to help each other and understand each other better.

What do you admire from each other as a mother?

Josiane: Definitely the fact that Carolane is proactive with her depression and that she does everything in her power to get better.

Carolane: Josiane’s ability to take her son everywhere and her versatility in adversity.

josiane_arthurJosiane and her son Arthur [@josianes]


You both promote self-love, self-confidence… How has your relationship with your body changed after becoming a mother?

Josiane: It simply confirmed that my body before pregnancy was pretty good and that I should have loved it as it was instead of not doing so. Now, I appreciate how I look; even if not everybody loves my body, I love it, and that’s what’s important.

Carolane: Because I am sick, I have to learn to love my body despite the fact that I’m losing weight when I’m stressed or when I’m going through a more difficult time. So I have to juggle with that, with negative looks, and the fact that my breasts are now really soft. I do my best to love myself despite all that!


You both have a son. Is it hard to raise a boy in a society where social media, rape culture and other crimes against women are always increasing? What do you wish to teach your sons?

Josiane: Let’s just say that our number one goal is to make sure our sons won’t be douchebags… hahaha! Jokes aside, personally, I try to deconstruct gender stereotypes. We can’t control everything that our kids will learn outside of the house (daycare, other people in their environment), but we can work hard to try to teach them that women are worth as much as men.

Carolane: Now that I am mother, I can assure you that equality is far from acquired. As a woman, I encounter dozens of glass ceilings every day. And yet I’m lucky to say I’m only part of that minority. Salary equality (even in editing and advertising) is far from acquired, and we still position women as sub-humans in many ways. It is often tiring to be a woman in the medias, and more and more women are falling from having to fight constantly. If I keep doing it, it’s because I’m the mother of a little girl and a little boy. I want to lead the way for the first one, and teach the other how to live in a more equitarian society (which means with equal strength, we have the same privileges, comparatively to equality, which doesn’t take account of strengths and oppression systems).

carolane_doloresCarolane and her daughter Dolores [@carolanes]


You are very active on social media and share many aspects of your lives. Are there still certain things that should stay private for you? Is it important for you to keep a “secret garden”? Are you worried about how social media culture may affect your kids?

Josiane: The one thing I’ve understood with social media is that if you open up about a lot of things, people will respect your private life. We are lucky to have a community that doesn’t ask for more than what we agree to share, and I am very grateful for that.

Carolane: I never talk about my sexuality, and that’s fine with me. I don’t show my kids’ faces either. I think it took a moment for my followers to understand that I don’t want to show them, but with time, I have less and less comments about that. And it still makes cute pictures!

carolane_marcelCarolane and her son Marcel [@carolanes]


What’s the most beautiful gift you could give your kids?

Josiane: A family with stable mental health and tools to learn with throughout all their life. And values.

Carolane: A mom with a good mental health who’s present in their life, and a pretty good cook! And an intellectually stimulating environment.

What have you learned about yourself after becoming a mother?

Josiane: We don’t die from fatigue, it’s just that we realize that the priority really isn’t to fold clothes.

Carolane: Every kid is different, but every kid is absolutely amazing. That and that teething seems to be very painful.


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