This Mother’s Day, Blush is proud to team up with cool Quebec mamas to highlight the joys and challenges of a mom’s life. DJ Abeille Gélinas shares her experience. 


Abeille, what kind of mother do you think you are?

I think I’m a well-balanced mother since I pursue my passion as a DJ while making quality family time. Even if I have no doubt that my little one is happy and full of love, I must admit that I still feel anxious and guilty when I’m not with him… Typical!


You are a contributor for The Daily Mommy and La vie n’est pas un magazine. Why is it important for you to share your experience as a mother?

Because I find it good to show how there is no standard to be a mom, and you never know when you may help someone by reminding them that. I love sharing my experiences and small finds for example, it creates a beautiful community.

You live in the Mile-End, in Montreal, a neighborhood known for its artistic spirit and its incredible small boutiques… What do you like about raising your son there?

Even if I grew up in the city myself (in the Plateau), I often ask myself: city or country? I want to offer him what’s best (as much as possible), and I know there’s nothing like nature for a child’s development, but at the same time, he’s going to be so street smart, haha! The Mile-End is my hood, I find it perfect to raise a child. There are many parks, young families, etc. It is full of life!

Your son Zayne is the first boy in the family; how has that influenced your dynamic?

Everyone is crazy about him! It’s so beautiful, because I feel like my mother is young again… We’re all going back to our childhood days!


Above all, what values do you want to give your son?

The importance of family. The mix of my husband’s education and mine will naturally expose him to different values (Quebec and Indian), so it will be up to him to choose which ones he relates to the most. In the end, Zayne will be Zayne!

How did maternity influence your relationship with your body?

My skin has become the biggest source of comfort for my son. When I change, for example, he systematically comes to give me a kiss on my leg (cuuute!). And when he’s not feeling too good, I lift my shirt and let him rest his head on my stomach… OK, honestly, I think I have the same effect on my husband, haha!

You’re a vegetarian and you seem to live a very healthy and zen lifestyle. Is it hard to keep that lifestyle while being a mom?

Yes. Being balanced is so important to me, and, unfortunately, I can’t always do it. However, my new motto is “Don’t be too hard on yourself!”

You are a public figure, and very active on social media, which can be an amazing platform, but can also play dirty tricks… Are you sometimes scared by the idea of sharing your family life for everyone to see?

More or less, because I’m the one who decides what I post or not. There will always be judgements, it’s part of human nature. Of course, it affects me if someone gives me a weird comment, but I know that we can’t please everyone! ;)

How has the birth of you son changed your relationship with your husband?

We must be a team more than ever! With my job’s irregular schedules, I need a partner that can take over and who understands my career. Na’eem is perfect because he’s like me in his spontaneity and his zest for life. Happiness is something you must cultivate in everyday life, whether it is with a good meal (and too much wine!) with friends, or at the park with your baby.


You’re so stylish! Has your style changed since you’ve become a mom?

No, my maternity hasn’t affected my style at all. I’ve once told a friend “If I’m dressing too young for my age, please tell me!”

What have you learned about yourself after becoming a mother?