Blush Autumn 2014 Mood Board: An Ode to the Art of Anticipation

If you believe that enjoying the journey is as important as reaching your destination, then you’ll embrace our ode to the Art of Anticipation this autumn, a poetic collection that begins with a flirty batting of the eyelashes, sustains lavish sensual delight during the evening seduction and calms the butterflies with elegance and class during morning pillow talk!

carey-mulligan-cover-4_nina ricci

Prepare to have your curves embraced in lace, framed in old Hollywood glamour, ornate embroideries and opulent patterns, made for sensual stares and long pauses in luxurious deep delightful shades of emerald, violet and obsidian.

Sophistication comes in both girlish charm and womanly wisdom. Dare you seize the day playfully with a mocha dot polka dot strut? This pattern will sweep you up and take you on a trip back in time on the retro boudoir cho cho train. You may find your soulmate on the platform before your final stop or wait elegantly in the hotel cocktail lounge confidently chatting with the barman. Good posture and a knowing smile are sewn into the lace V plunge patterns covering that minty satin sheen. Subtly, you adjust a garter strap sneaking out from those drop-dead gorgeous pinup retro panties.

Shades of violet and plumberry put the “pop” in the Blush collection this autumn, colours long understood to symbolize good judgement, imagination, inspiration and purpose. Add a layer of luxury and wisdom with rich pattern and textures. Does rich emerald or velvety black embroidery turn you evergreen with envy?

Form-fitting and rich in texture and décor, this fall is about sophistication, confidence and sweet love for the adornment of your body, opening the imagination for the erotic pursuit. Embroideries, vintage, velvety feels and silky sheen make this collection hypnotically charming. It would take but a gentle purr to awaken his senses!

As you catch your last breath of fresh night air silhouetted by the moon on the balconette, divine comfort, confidence, and a mature playfulness secure your seductive smile.

Blush believes the journey of anticipation should be filled with sensuality and pleasure. This fall, we deliver a collection to help you find deep love in the adornment of your femininity.