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Exposed: A History of Lingerie at the FIT Museum

Exhibit runs from June 3rd - November 15th, 2014 Original text: Fashion Institute of Technology The Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology is launching its newest exhibition Exposed: A History of Lingerie, tracing developments in intimate apparel from the 18th century to the present. Featuring over 70 of the most[...]

Second Skin: The Erotic Art of Lingerie

Sexier than nudeness is a body suggestively wrapped in satin and lace… Lingerie just got a whole lot sexier inbetween the sheets of this inspiring coffee table book. In Second Skin: the Erotic Art of Lingerie, editor Patrice Farameh explores the question in the mystery of lingerie: “What is the attraction of lingerie for the woman who wears it? When does [...]

2014 The Year the Leopard Devoured the Snake

It may be the year of the snake, but the animal print of the year on the catwalk is leopard! Finding unique and innovative ways to spatter these spots atop the season’s fabrics have left us feeling feline fashion all over. The art of wearing the animal print elegantly is in how you pair it as much as how you wear it. It requires a bold strut, or a stealt[...]