1.    Take her to dinner

Or even better, cook for her! After all, she fed you for so many years! Sharing a meal is always a nice way to spend quality time with someone you love.


Source: Kitchen by Brad


2.    Have a girls’ day

Go shopping, get your nails done, have a drink… Spending time together is the best way to learn surprising things about her (because we all know that with a couple glasses of wine, those crazy “When I was young” stories start to come out…).

Woman Getting a ManicureSource: The Pioneer Woman


3.    Send her flowers

With school, work, family duties and countless responsibilities, it’s hard to find the time to let your mom know you care. A bouquet of her favorite flowers is the perfect “I think of you” present.

Pink-FlowersSource: Compete Pulse


4.    Ask if she needs help with something

Moms do so much for us – it’s important to give back from time to time! Why not take a day off and help her clean the house, plant flowers or grocery shop?

 HN_BB_Healthy_Shop_1_way-img_1280x720Source: Healthination


5.    Just call her

No e-mail, no Facebook, no text – let’s just admit it, (most) moms are terrible with these things. Just call your mom and ask how she’s doing! It will be the best present ever, we promise.

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