Monthly archives:June 2015

The Convertible Bra: Two Straps, So Many Possibilities!

Ah, the multi-way strap bra. This bra is seriously the most underrated piece in a woman's top drawer. We all whip it out every now and again when we are wearing something strapless, but this hardworking bra can really be taken advantage of much more often. Admittedly, the multi-way strap thing does need a little figuring out. The Pretty Little Bras longline [...]

Retro Lingerie 101

Lingerie is a costume. While functional, it is also playful and whimsical. Lingerie allows you to dress up your mood or step into a persona that you have always wanted to embody. Intrinsically hidden, this little game of dress-up doesn’t even have to be for anybody but yourself (or you can show it off – that’s fun, too)! Costumes can take us on a journey [...]