Monthly archives:November 2014

Matching Bra and Underwear says: "I love my body & myself!"

If wearing a matching bra and underwear is an indication of self-love, then North American women have a long way to go... we thought it was only the French that dared not leave their home without matching their bra and underwear. Not so... According to a study commissioned by British lingerie brand Ultimo 85% of women in the UK love to coordinate their[...]

Panties in a bunch or Knickers in a twist? Underwear Semantics Under the Microscope

We recently posted a question on twitter. “Do you prefer to call them undergarments or intimates? Underwear or lingerie? What do you call them? What does your lover call them?” We didn’t get a lot of responses, but one Rebecca Robinson gave us a loud and clear response: “Anything but panties!” We were surprised. When we asked “Why?” she responded “Perha[...]

Booty Battleground: Got that Boom Boom?

 " 'Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase And all the right junk in all the right places..." Meghan Trainor is a pop star who admits she never thought she would make it because she didn't have the celebrity body. Here, she says it loud and clear:  "...I'm bringing booty back!" Trainor's song 'All About That Bass' tells women everywhere to e[...]