Monthly archives:October 2014

Model Noot Seear: the Seductive Temptress

Noot Seear is best known for her role as Heidi, the sexy “Votura’ vampiress who lures victims to her vampire family in the Twilight Saga Sequel, New Moon. Her fans are devout, and adore her character's sexy appeal. Little did Seear know that this role would take her career on a new direction back in 2009, opening the world of film and video for her. -[...]

Eyebrow Shaping Rehab with Lisa Sim

As a makeup artist, Lisa Sim is convinced that eyebrow grooming offers the greatest improvement for the least intervention. "I like to think of myself as a brow rehab therapist," she says. "Many women really don't know how to do their eyebrows, and after they leave my chair, I see more confidence, straighter shoulders. When done right, eyebrow shaping can[...]

Blush LOVE NOTES: A new way to communicate online

Sensitive. Modern. Poetic. Grateful. Emotional. Thankful. LOVE NOTES is the perfect way to show you care! LOVE NOTES is a new online tool aimed at helping everyone everywhere send sweet notes to their lovers, friends and family as a cute stylized message through email (privately) or social media (publicly).  The idea is to revolutionize romanticism one[...]